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Q: How many centimeteres is a standard ruler?
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How do you know your rectangle is 12 centimeteres?

Use a ruler or tape measure to measure it.

How many centimeteres are there in 5.7feet?

About 167.5cm

How many centimeteres are in a foot?


How many meters is 12000 centimeteres?


How many centimeteres in 105mm?

10.5 cm

How many millimeters on a standard ruler?

a ruler measures 15 cm .1 cm =10 mm .THis means , 1 standard ruler measures 150 mm.

9 inches are how many centimeteres?

22.86 cm

How many centimeteres is equal to 5 feet?


How many centimeteres in i km?

There are 100,000 centimeters in 1 kilometer

How many centimeteres are in two and a half meters?

250 cm

How many millimeters are in a ruler?

In a standard 30cm ruler there are 300mm (discluding the bits at the end of the rulers which are unmarked).

How many centimeteres are in a meter?

100Wasn't that answered correctly before?100