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The answer is 20.79 centimeters. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. To convert inches into centimeters, multiply the inches by 2.54.

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Q: How many centimeters are in eight and three sixteenth inches?
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What is the paraphrase of about eight centimeters?

Just over three inches.

How many sixteenth-inches are in three-quarters inches?

3/4 = 12/16, so there are twelve sixteenth-inches in three-quarters of an inch.

What is the range in centimeters of three inches?

3 inches = 7.62 centimeters.

What is three point 4 inches in centimeters?

3.4 inches is 8.64 centimeters.

How many centimeters are in 3inches?

Three inches is 7.62 centimeters.

How many inches in three centimeters?

Divide centimeters by 2.54 (3 / 2.54 = 1.18 inches).

How many centimeters in six foot three inches?

There are about 190.5 centimeters in 6 feet 3 inches.

What is three inches to a centimeters?

7.62 cm

How many centimeters are in three fourths of an inch?

3/4 of an inch = .75 inches.75 inches = 1.905 centimeters

How much rain falls in the Brazilian capital city of Brasilia?

Brasília receives around 59.4 inches [151 centimeters] of annual rainfall. The three months with the highest rainfall are January [8.3 inches; 21 centimeters], November [8.3 inches; 21 centimeters], and December [9.4 inches; 24 centimeters]. The three months with the lowest rainfall are June [0.8 inches; 2 centimeters], July [0.8 inches; 2 centimeters], and August [1.2 inches; 3 centimeters].

36 inches equals how many centimeters?

36 centimeters = 14.1732283 inches.

How many centimetres is thirty three inches?

33 inches = 83.82 centimeters