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There are exactly fifteen cents in 15 c.

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Q: How many cents are in 15?
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How many square feet is 15 cents?

15 cents = 6534 sq feet.

How many times does 15 cents go into 100 dollars?

You first convert cents into dollars. 15 cents =.15 dollars. Now all you have to do is divide 100/.15=666 2/3 times. Meaning 15 cents does not "go into" 100 dollars evenly. You will need 666 "15 cents" and 10 more cents.

If you have 5 dollars and something is 15 cents how many could you get?

33 items at 15 cents each and 5 cents change.

Is 0.15 cents equal to 15 cents?

No. Fifteen cents can be.... $0.15 15 (with the little 'cents' sign) 15 cents 0.15 cents is actually 15% of a penny

How many cents in a quatar?


How many 5 cents makes 75 cents?

75/5 = 15

How many combination can be made to get 85 cents using 4 coins fifty cents 25 cents 15 cents and 5 cents?


How many nickels are there in 75 cents?


How many cent is this 0.15000?

15 cents

How many nickels are in 75 cents?

75/5 = 15

How many ways can you make 37 cents?

you can make 37 cents 22 ways

How much was a McDonald's hamburger in 1956?

It was advertised widely as 15 cents.

In Charlie Brown Christmas how many cents does Lucy charge for her psychiatric services?

15 cents

Nancy has saved 1500 cents from selling lemonade How many dollars does Nancy have?

Nancy has 15 dollars. 1500 cents divided by 100 (100 cents are in a dollar) = 15.

How much do narcotics cost?

15 cents 15 cents

How many times can 15 cents go into 3 dollars?

Twenty times !

If 2 lemons cost 15 cents how many you can get for 60 cents?

Let's consider 2 lemons a "batch." So you can get one batch for 15 cents, and you have 60 cents to spend. To find out how many batches you can get with 60 cents, divide 60 by 15 to get 4. Now to get the total number of lemons, multiply the number of batches (4) by the number of lemons in each batch (2) which will give you a total of 8 lemons.

What is the ratio of 33 cents to 15 cents?

33 cents : 15 cents Divide both sides by 3 cents to give 11 : 5

What was the cost of a gallon of gas in 1933?

15 cents 15 cents

What is 15 of one dollar?

15% is 15 cents. 1/5 is 20 cents.

How much is 15 persnt of 30 cents or dollars?

15% of 30 cents is 4.5 cents 15% of 30 dollars is 4.5 dollars

How much slice of pizza cost 1930?

15 cents 15 cents

what percent of $1.00 is 15 cents?


What percent of a dollar is 15 cents?

It's 15%. Just a heads up, any number of cents out of a dollar will be that number percent. Example, 34 cents=34% and so on...

When was the price of stamps 15 cents?

The rate went from 13 to 15 cents on 29 May 1978. It went from 15 cents to 18 cents on 22 March 1981. That is for the first ounce of first class postage, each additional ounce was 17 cents.