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100% of a dollar = 100 cents


1% of a dollar = 1 cent


50% of a dollar = 50 cents

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Q: How many cents are in 50 percent of a dollar?
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Is 50 cents of a dollar 50 percent?

Yes. 50 cents of a dollar is 50 percent of a dollar.

What is 50cent real number?

50 cents is 0.5 dollars. It may also be expressed as 50 percent of one dollar, as the word 'cents' is shorthand for 'percent of a dollar.'

How many cents is two fourths of a dollar?

50 cents

How many cents is half a dollar?


What fraction of a dollar is equal to 50 cents?

50 cents is 1/2 of a dollar (100 cents)

How many dollars are there in 150 cents?

There are 100 cents in a dollar. So 150 cents mean 1 dollar 50 cents (or $1.5)

How many dollars is 50 cents?

Fifty cents doesn't make one dollar. It is only half of a dollar. To get a dollar you need 4 quarters or 2 fifty cent pieces.

How many cent in half a dollar?

50 cents

How many rupees per dollar?

50 cents

How do you round off one dollar to the nearest 50 cents?

To the nearest 50 cents, 1 dollar is 100 cents.

How many cents are half dollars worth?

It's right in the name "Half-dollar" half of a dollar is 50 cents.

What is 50 percent of 20 cents?

50 percent of 20 cents = 10 cents

How do you write 5 tenths of a dollars?

5 tenths of a dollar is 50 cents, or $0.50.

Is my dollar 75 or 50 cents?

Neither - if it is a dollar.

Does 50 pennies equal one dollar?

No, 50 pennies is 50 cents. That is half of a dollar.

How much is 50 cents of a fraction of a dollar?

100 cents equals 1 dollar. Therefore 50 cents is half of a dollar (1/2, 0.5).

How much money half of a dollar plus one fourth of a dollar?

75 cents. One half dollar is 50 cents, and one fourth of a dollar is 25 cents. So, 50 plus 25 equals 75.

How many 10 cent in 5 dollar?

50 as $1 = 100 cents = 10 x 10 Cents, then 5 x 10 = 50

If the price of an apple was raised 50 percent and then decreased 50 percent making it cost 75 cents how much was the original price?

50 cents

What is the value of a 1971 half dollar dollar?

50 cents.

How many nickels in half a dollar?

A nickel is worth 5 cents. A dollar is worth 100 cents. 50/5=10. Ten nickels makes up half a dollar.

How many nickels make a half dollar?

A nickel is 5 cents and a half dollar is 50 cents, so 10 nickels make a half dollar.

What fraction of a dollar is equal 2 cents?

2 cents/1 dollar = 2 cents/100 cents = 2/100 = 1/50

How much money is 1 half of a dollar 1 fourth of a dollar and 1 tenth of a dollar?

50 cents, 25 cents, and 10 cents respectively.

How many 10 cent lollies can you buy for 1.50?

You can buy 15, if there is no tax involved. One dollar is 100 cents, and .50 means 50 cents.

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