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50 cents

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Q: How many cents are in five dimes?
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Related questions

How many dimes and nickels you have to make seventy-five cents?

7 dimes and 1 nicle

What are nickels and dimes in value?

Nickels are worth five cents and dimes are worth ten.

Which is worth more three dimes or five nickels?

3 dimes is 30 cents and 5 nickels is 25 cents so 3 dimes is worth more.

Do 5 dimes make 1 dollar?

A dime is ten cents, so five times makes 50 cents. A dollar is 100 cents, so five dimes only makes half of a dollar.

How many cents are in 5 dimes?

1 dime = 10 cents so 5 dimes = 50 cents. Simple!

How much is 1 nickel and 2 dimes make?

twenty five cents

How many dimes are in 1.65?

16 dimes and 5 cents.

60 cents equals how many dimes?

6 dimes

How many dimes make 75 cents?

Seven dimes and one nickel equal 75 cents.

How many dimes are there in 410 cents?

There are 10 cents in one dime. Therefore, 410 cents is equal to 410/10 = 41 dimes.

How many dimes are in seven dollars and thirty cents?

73 dimes

Five dimes is what fraction of a dollar?

5 dimes equals 50 cents. This can be written as 1/2 or One Half of a dollar

How many dimes in 1.65?

67 dimes in 1.65 cents OKEYDOKEY 23 dimes in 1.65

What is 2 dimes equal to?

1 dime = 10 cents 2 dimes x 10 cents = 20 cents 2 dimes is 20 cents :)

How many different ways can you make 30 cents using nickels dimes and quarters?

Five different ways.

How many cents in one nickel and two dimes?

25 cents.

How many dimes make 80 cents?

One dime equals ten cents.Therefore, there are 8 dimes in 80 cents.

How do you make 25 cents without using dimes or nickels?

You can make 25 cents without using dimes or nickels by using one quarter or twenty-five pennies.

How many dimes in 6.28?

62, with 8 cents left over.

How many 10 cents make 2 dollars and fifty cents?

That would be 25 dimes(10 cents).

How many dimes are there in 66 cents?

6 dimes, 6 pennies; or 6 dimes, 1 nickel, and a penny.

How many dimes are in 20?

20 cents is 2 dimes 20 dollars is 200 dimes.

Can 9 coins add up to sixty cents?

One quarter, three dimes, and five pennies add up to sixty cents. And also 3 dimes and 6 nickels.

How many 10 cents make 10 dollars?

that would be 100 dimes(10 cents).

How many dimes make 11.09?

It is impossible to form $11.09 out of dimes. A dime equals 10 cents, and you can't have 9 cents from a dime.