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one hundred

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Q: How many cents equals to a dollar?
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Related questions

How many cents equals a quarter dollar?

25 cents !

How many cents in one dollar?

4 quarters which equals 100 cents; 100 cents=1 dollar

1 dollar equals cents?

One dollar equals 100 cents.

How many cents equals one dollar?

one hundred (100) cents equal one (1) dollar.

A dollar equals how many five cents?

20 times 5 cents = $1

How many US cents is equal to one dollar?

One hundred US cents equals one US dollar.

36 cents equals how many hundredths of dollars?

1 cent is 1 hundredth of a dollar so 36 cents are 36 hundredths of a dollar.

What part of 1 dollar is 68 cents?

what part of 1 dollar equals 68 cents

How many rupees equals to 0.079 cents?

1 dollar is of aprox 50 rupees so 0.79 cents is 0.395rs

How many US dollars equals one Russian dollar?

Only about three cents.

How many cents equals rupees?

43 rupees equal 1 dollar 43 rupees equal 1 dollar

What is ten percent of a dollar?

it equals 10 dollar cents or one Dime

How many cents to a dollar?

100 cents makes a dollar

How many cents in 1 dollar?

There are 100 cents in a dollar.

1 dollar is equals to how much cents?


A nickel and a what equals 55 cents?

Half dollar

How many cents make 1 Canadian dollar?

.935 as of today in USA (Sept. 20, 2009) Or 100 Canadian cents equals 1 Canadian dollar.

77000 pennies equals how many dollars and cents?

100 pennies = one dollar 77000 pennies = $770 and no cents

How many cents equal ten dollars?

100 cents equals 1 dollar so 100x10=1000.1000 cents equals 10 dollars.

What is the difference between a dollar and a half and thirty five cents?

A dollar is 100 cents. A dollar and a half equals 150 cents. 150- 35 ___ 115 cents (a dollar and 15 cents)

How many cents are there in Australian dollar?

100 cents

Are 100 cents equal to 1 dollar?

Yes, 100 cents equals a dollar. Although, in some countries, 100 cents are worth a Euro.

How many cents are in a half of dollar?

Half a dollar is fifty cents.

How many cents are there in one dollar?

100 cents = 1 dollar

How many cents are there in a American dollar?

there are 100 cents in a U.S. dollar!!

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