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All chickens have legs.

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Q: How many chicken have legs?
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How many grams is 3 chicken legs?

It depends on the size of the chicken legs...

How many chicken legs and pork legs in 100 unknown legs?

There are 30 chicken and 10 pigs.

How many legs does a chicken hav?

It has 2 legs.

How many legs have ten chicken?

in ten chickens, there are 20 legs

How many legs does three chicken have?

6 :)

How many chicken legs equal 1 lb?

Approximately 5 legs

How many chicken legs equal 1 lb.?

Approximately 5 legs

Do chickens have legs?

Yes Chicken do have legs.

Do chicken legs come from chicken?

Yes. In order to call them chicken legs, they must come from a chicken.

Did Baba Yaga's house have goat legs frog legs chicken wings or chicken legs?

Baba Yaga's house have 2 chicken legs

How many chicken legs are in 1 serving?

Only one

How many legs have ten chicken got?

Each chicken has 2, so 10x2 is 20

What are chicken lovely legs?

In some Australian supermarkets chicken thighs are branded as chicken lovely legs .

How do you eat chicken legs if chickens have no legs?

Ummm.... chickens do have legs. But, if you are really weird, and want to try something, try making chicken legs from other parts of the chicken, like the meat.

What is the price of a dozen chicken legs?

it depends how many chicken legs there are in each pack HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

What the function of chicken legs?

For the chicken to stand on in the barnyard.

What is a nother name for chicken legs?

Chicken Drumsticks

How many legs does a chicken have?

the same number of brain cells you have.'you fking idiot'

How many pounds chicken legs in a cup?

0.35 pounds will be present in a cup.

Does a chicken walk on all fours?

No, a chicken walks on their two legs. Their other two limbs are their wings, which they do not walk on.

How long does it take to boil frozen chicken legs?

Frozen chicken legs should never boiled. The legs needs to be thawed first before boiling. The chicken legs should take an estimated 30 minutes to cook thoroughly.

What color are chicken legs?


What colour are chicken legs?


How many pieces of chicken is 3 pounds?

A whole chicken is broken down to 2 legs,2 thighs,2 wings, and 2 breasts, and the weight can vary from chicken to chicken.

In a farm there are 36 dogs and chicken they got 100 legs altogether.How many dogs and chicken?

8 dogs, 34 chickens