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There are 30 chicken and 10 pigs.

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Q: How many chicken legs and pork legs in 100 unknown legs?
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no chicken is chicken pork is pig

Does chicken have pork in it?

No, Chicken is a bird, pork is the meat of a pig.

Is pork chops a type of chicken?

Pork chops are a cut of pork, which comes from a pig. It is not chicken.

What animals do the French eat?

Frogs [legs], chicken, beef, pork, lamb and snails [if you can class those as animals!].

Does pork taste like chicken?

Yes pork taste like chicken

What kind of animal do french people eat?

they like to eat Beef, chicken, fish and lamb, frogs legs and pork

Can you eat chicken or pork on Good Friday?

No, both pork and chicken are considered as meat.

Can you cook pork and chicken together in same pot?

no if you do you'll have chicken flavored pork

What is a meat?

chicken, turkey, pork. pork is red meat

Can you fry pork chops in the same oil as chicken?

Yes, you can cook pork chops in the same oil as chicken. It is important when cooking pork and chicken to make sure they are cooked thoroughly.

What has higher protein beef chicken lamb or pork?


What is a white meat?

chicken, turkey, pork. pork is red meat

Is pork as low in cholesterol as chicken?


Do Vegeterians eat fish?

no they eat chicken beef pork and my persanol favourite pork pies no they eat chicken beef pork and my persanol favourite pork pies no they eat chicken beef pork and my persanol favourite pork pies no they eat chicken beef pork and my persanol favourite pork pies

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Yes, you can use Pork Shake 'n' Bake on chicken if you want. Pork and chicken are both white meat so there isn't a whole lot of difference.

Can you cook pork and chicken in the same pan together?

You can cook pork and chicken in the same pan together. It all depends on the dish. Recipes such as stew would work well with both pork and chicken combined.

In gainsvillegeorgia the chicken capital of the world why is illegal to eat chicken?


What is inside of Jiaozi?

Pork, chicken, or vegetable.

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Main dishes in Venezuela all surround pork and chicken. The meats are not as expensive at steaks. Also, along with the chicken and pork, a variety of beans are servred with them. Most of the chicken and pork dishes are fried.

Where did pork chops originate from?

It is unknown of where pork chops originate from such as who was the first to present them. Pork chops are from the back or loin of a pig.

Do humans digest chicken faster than pork?

Yes, chicken does get digested faster than pork. This is because of the high fat content in pork, and fat takes longer to digest.

What are the different types of pork in Mexican food dishes?

alpastor, chicken, pork, beef

What is the difference between shake n bake chicken and pork?

chicken has cheese in it

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What has more calories chicken or pork?

If both are plainly cooked, pork has more calories than chicken. For the calories in chicken, and the calories in pork, please see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.