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Q: How many churches in the US with less than 50 members?
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How many churches in the Bible Belt?

There are in excess of 52,000 Baptist churches in the United States. There are more than 17.5 Americans who are members of these churches.

How many baptist churches in Morocco?

I do not believe there to be any Baptist Churches in Morocco. Less than 0.1% of the Moroccan population is Christian, and most of those are Roman Catholics.

How many churches are there worldwide?

It is in-possible to answer but churches are much than mosque.

What group has more members the Catholic or Protestant Churches?

There are far more Catholics than Protestants.

How many people ar there in a steel band?

there is no limits for members but, i haven't seen less than 4.

How many churches are in Detroit?

There are more than 50 churches are in Detroit city.

How many crews members were on the titanic?

there were 913 crew members aboard the titanic, according to roster count

The strengh of legislative council members shall not be less than?

the strength should not be less than 40

Which of the Indian state assembly has less than 60 members?

Sikkim has 32 members.

Why snsd have less members than before?

SNSD has always been with 9 members and still is with 9 members.

How many christian churches are in the world as at December 2011?

there are more than 60000000 churches in the whole world

How many Vineyard Churches are there?

There are many different Vineyard Churches in the world today. There are more than 1,500 Vineyard churches in the worldwide. This association was created in 1982 by John Winters.