How many cm in 5.6m?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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56 cm

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Q: How many cm in 5.6m?
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Is 56m equal to 600mm?

No, 56m is equal to 56,000mm

Is 56cm less than greater than or equal to 6m?

there are 100 cm in 1m. Therefore 56 cm is equal to .56m or about half a meter. This is much less than 6 meters.

How many hours and minutes does it take the earth to rotate on a daily bases?

23h 56m

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it is 56m a year!:o

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What is the radius of a circle if its area is 56m square?

r = 4.22200825 meters.

Is 0.056km greater than 5.6m?

Yes. .056km is equal to 56m.

Does it take 22hours for the earth to spin around once?

No. It takes 23h 56m.

How big is the river Windermere in the UK what is it called?

56m above sea level

What is the LCM of 8m2 and 14m4?

The LCM is 56m^4.

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about 3-4 pounds

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