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Only one. The U.S. Penny, the form of currency with the smallest value, is worth one cent. That being said, it is impossible to "make" one cent with two or more coins.

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Q: How many coins equal one cent?
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How many five cent coins are equal in value to a one dollar coin?

20 = 100 / 5

How many 5 cent coins equal 10 dollars?

One dollar = 100 cents. That's 20 nickels (5 cent coins) per dollar. 20 x 10 = 200

One cent equal to how many cent?

one ares is equal to 2.47 cents

How many coins go into an Australian security roll?

Quantities of coins in RAM rolls are as follows:One cent - 50 coins (now withdrawn)Two cent - 50 coins (now withdrawn)Five cent - 40 coinsTen cent - 40 coinsTwenty cent - 20 coinsFifty cent - 20 coinsOne dollar - 20 coinsTwo dollar - 20 coins

How many 1 coins in a roll?

If you are referring to the "One Cent" coins, there are a total of 50 coins.

How many New Zealand one cent coins were minted in 1974?

There were 35,043,0000 New Zealand one cent coins minted for issue in 1974.

What 18 coins equals 75 cent?

75 cents can be made from 5 ten-cent coins, 3 five-cent coins, and 10 one-cent coins.

How many coins are there in one roll of 1 cent?


If you have two US coins when added equal 55 cent but one is not a nickel what two coins do you have?

A half dollar and a nickel. One of them isn't a nickel, the other one is.

How many kuli in one cent?

one cent is equals to three kuli 100 cents is equal to one acre one cent is equal to 435.6 Sq.feet

Are one cent coins to be discontinued?

No, as of yet there is no official word on the fate of US one cent coins.

There are two coins when you add them together they equal fifteen cents one of the coins is not a ten cent coin what are the two coins?

10c and 5c "one of the coins is not a 10c" doesn't mean the other isn't :P

How do You Make two Dollars Out Of 29 Coins?

One way of doing this is with 19 ten-cent coins and 10 one-cent coins.

What 5 coins make 72 cents?

One 50-cent coin, two 10-cent coins, and two 1-cent coins.

One cent equal to how many yards?

one cent is equal to 48 yards. 100 cents is equal to one acre that means 4,800 yards is one acre.

How many 50 cent coins to the kilogram?

An Australian 50 cent coin weighs 15.55 grams. There would be 64 x 50 cent coins in one kilogram.

How many 5 cent coins in 2.50?

Half of one.

You have two US coins that equal fifty five cents and one of them is not a nickel what are they?

Hmmmm. This is a trick question, huh. The two US coins that total fifty-five cents are a fifty-cent piece and a five-cent piece. The fifty-cent piece is the one that is not a nickel.

How many Ares equal to one cent?

one ares is equal to 2.47 cents

A coin used in Germany now?

Germany uses coins that are based on the euro. There are two euro coins, one euro coins, 50 cent euros, 20 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, and 1 cent euro coins.

How many square feet is equal to 1 cent?

A cent is an Indian unit of measure equal to one hundredth of an acre. Therefore, one cent is equal to 43560 / 100 = 435.6 square feet.

How much in coins is 1000 in USA cash?

This is a very vague question. Are you asking "how many coins equal $1,000.00 in cash?" Depending on the denomination of coins it can be 1,000 One dollar coins = $1,000.00 or 100,000 One cent coins = $1,000.00 or any combination of cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars or dollar coins.

How many centimeters equal to one cent?

There is nothing equal. If you mean 'What is the diameter of a US Cent', it is 1.9 cm.

How many square yards are there in one cent?

One cent is a unit of area equal to one hundredth of an acre. Since an acre is equal to 4840 square yards, one cent is equal to 4840/100 = 48.4 square yards.

How many r is one cent?

one are is equal to 2.470 cents