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Q: How many combination of coins are there to make 0.40 cent?
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Related questions

How many 20 cent coins make 165.40?

How many 20c coins make 165.4

How many 20 cent coins make 2.00?

the answer is 10

How many 1 cent coins make 100 dollars?

10,000 pennies

How many ten cent coins are equal in value to two fifty cent coins?

10 coins= 2 fifty cent coins.

How many Australian 50 cent coins does it take to get a weight of 100 grams?

An Australian 50 cent coin weighs 15.55 grams. About 6.5 x 50 cent coins should make 100 grams.

How many 10 cents make 5?

500 ten cent coins make $5.

How many 10 cent coins will make 2.80?

28(10 cents) will make $2.80

How many coins equal one cent?

Only one. The U.S. Penny, the form of currency with the smallest value, is worth one cent. That being said, it is impossible to "make" one cent with two or more coins.

How many possible ways can you make a dollar in coins?

There are many. Various ways to make a dollar using coins. 100 pennies, 4 quarters, 2 50 cent coins, 1 50 cent coin and 2 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, and many variations. There are 293 ways to make a dollar but maybe there are more possible ways.

How many 5 cent coins make up 9 dollars 50?


How many ways can you make 1 Australian dollar without using 5 cent coins?


How many 20 cent coins make 100 grams?

Many countries have 20 cent coins and they are not all the same mass. So you need to be more specific when asking such questions and not assume that we can guess which country's currency you are referring to.

How many 5 cent coins are in 12.75 dollars?

$12.75/$0.05 = 255 five cent coins

How many different types of coins are minted?

Current US denominations are: 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent & $1.00 coins.

How many 50 cent coins are in a pound?

There are no 50 cent coins in a Pound. There are two 50 Pence coins in a Pound.

How many ways can you make change for 38 cents?

The answer will depend on the country whose currency you are asking about. Many countries use cents and the coinage varies from country to country. Some have 2 cent coins or 20 cent coins, others have 25.

How many 1997 Australian 50 cent coins were minted?

There were 4,337,200 Australian 1997 50 cent coins minted.

How many 5 cents make a dollor?

20 five cent coins add up to a dollar

How many Australian 20 cent coins in 1 kilogram?

An Australian Twenty cent coin weighs 11.31 grams, so there would be about 88 Twenty cent coins in a Kilogram.

How many coins make 50g?

50g is exactly; 3 x 2 dollar coins 1 x 1 dollar coin 1 x 50 cent coin 1 x 10 cent coin

How many 1 coins in a roll?

If you are referring to the "One Cent" coins, there are a total of 50 coins.

How many 20c coins make 5.00 dollars?

There are no 20c coins.If you are talking about 25c coins then - 20 coins would make $5.If you are talking about 10c coins then - 50 coins would make $5* * * * *There may not be 20 cent coins for the US dollar but there certainly are for the Australian dollar. And 25 of them would make 5.00 dollars.

Ann has 20 coins in her purse They are 10c 20c and 50c coins and the total value of the coins is 5 dollars If she has more 50c than 10c coins- how many 10c coins does she have?

Six 50 cent coins=$3.00 Six 20 cent coins=$1.20 Eight 10 cent coins=$.80

How many coins go into an Australian security roll?

Quantities of coins in RAM rolls are as follows:One cent - 50 coins (now withdrawn)Two cent - 50 coins (now withdrawn)Five cent - 40 coinsTen cent - 40 coinsTwenty cent - 20 coinsFifty cent - 20 coinsOne dollar - 20 coinsTwo dollar - 20 coins

How many 50 cent coins to the kilogram?

An Australian 50 cent coin weighs 15.55 grams. There would be 64 x 50 cent coins in one kilogram.