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10,000. from 0000 to 9999.

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Q: How many combinations are there for a phone number consisting 4 numbers?
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What are 800 phone numbers used for?

Phone numbers that start with the numbers 800 are toll free numbers. Toll free phone numbers are numbers that have no cost to the person calling the 800 number.

How many digits are in the New Zealand mobile phone number have?

It can change with a higher demand for a mobile phone. The phone company has to keep coming up with more number combinations to allow more people to buy sim cards for phones . My first mobile number only had 8 numbers. But my new number has 11 :)

How do you get two phone numbers on the same phone?

You can't really get two phone numbers on the same phone. But, you can get an extension phone number plus your regular phone number. Ask your phone service about an extension number for your phone.

How many combinations are there for the last four digits of a phone number if the number must be unique?


Is it possible to block every number in your phone after a certain time?

yes. assuming 15 digits per phone number, including area code and international, there would be 1000000000000000 combinations of the digits 0-9. This does not account for short numbers, like 911, but there are a finite number of these as well

What is famous peoples phone numbers?

This is a famous phone number 232.12.67 Guess who!!

Phone number I need the phone number?

WA does not give out phone numbers nor email addresses

What is Carmella phone number?

We don’t give out phone numbers.

What is NBC universal's phone number?

They have a large number of corporate numbers. See the "related Links" for a complete list of specific phone numbers available.

How do I block numbers on this phone?

There are a number of ways to block phone number depending on what type of phone you have. Usually your manual will give the specific code to do so.

How many numbers in a Australian phone number?

There are 8 numbers in an Australian phone number, including the area code the is 10.

What is dani harmers phone number?

Phone numbers are not permitted on this site.