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(11!) / (4!) (3!) (2!) (2!) = 69,300distinguishable arrangements

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Q: How many combinations can you make from 4 circles 3 squares 2 triangles and 2 ovals?
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Why are field hockey umpire's cards different shapes?

To allow people with colour blindness or colour confusion to differentiate between the three levels of card (green triangles, yellow squares, and red circles or ovals).

What is a definite shape?

A shape that has all sides connected. Examples are squares, circles, ovals, octagons, etc.

Are ovals and circles similar?

Yes. Both circles and ovals have no sides.

Are ovals a circle?

No, ovals and circles are different shapes. Ovals have an elongated, slightly oblong shape with two different radii, while circles have a round shape with a single radius.

What are the basic shapes?

The basic shapes include circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and ovals. These shapes serve as building blocks for more complex shapes and are commonly used in various mathematical and design applications.

What is a close shape?

A closed shape is any shape that surrounds an area. This includes polygons (triangles etc.) circles, ovals and any irregular shape

Are circles and ovals polygons?

no straight sides

What are two dimensional shapes that are called curved shapes?

Circles, ellipses, ovals, cycloids, cardoids are some.Circles, ellipses, ovals, cycloids, cardoids are some.Circles, ellipses, ovals, cycloids, cardoids are some.Circles, ellipses, ovals, cycloids, cardoids are some.

What general shape are human faces?

ovals or circles

What shapes aren't quadrilateral?

Most shapes. For example, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, 8-gons, 9-gons etc; circles, ellipses, ovals and other random meandering curves.

How many face an oval have?

One face, the same as a circle. For both a 2D and a 3D oval it's the same. 3D ovals and circles have no vertices or edges. 2D ovals and circles have one edge.

Which shape cannot be used to make a regular tessellation?

Circles and simple ovals