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Q: How many combinations could I make with 120 shorts and 74 pairs of pairs of pants?
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How many different combinations can you make with 4 shirts and 3 pairs of pants?


How many combinations of clothing can be made from 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants?


How do you make whoopings hurt less?

10 pairs of underwear 3 pairs of shorts and 1 pair thick long pajama pants still hurts a little but works

Randolph has 8 ties 6 pairs of pants and 4 dress shirts How many days could he possibly go without wearing the same combination of these three items?

Answer: 192 days. There are 48 different combinations of ties and shirts (8 different ties for each of the 6 pairs of pants), and then four different shirts for each of these combinations. In numerical form: 8 x 6 x 4 = 192

Are shorts the same as pants?

YES! pants and shorts are the same thing! for sure!

What is the homophone for shirts pants hats and shorts?

The Homophone for shirts,pants,hats and shorts are clothes

Which is correct two pair of pants or two pairs of pants?

'Two pairs of pants' is correct.

What are the main uses for shorts?

they're just a "shorter" version of pants. Pants you wear in the winter and shorts in the summer. That' all there is to it.

Which pajama is more practical - with shorts or with pants?

the pants are better for lounging and staying warmer,shorts are practical in teh summer

Why is Ron Artest the short pants on?

wouldn't short pants be shorts?

Is it correct to say you bought 2 pair of pants or you bought 2 pairs of pants?

you would buy two pairs of pants!

Plural noun of pants?

The singular possessive form is pants'; the plural possessive form is pants'.The noun pants does not have a singular form, it is a binary noun, a word for something of two parts making up a whole. The noun pants is a short form for a pair of pants, or the plural pairs of pants.