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∞ \ Infinite

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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Q: How many combinations of numbers can you make with digits 0 through 9?
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What combinations can you make with numbers 1472580?

You can make: 1 combination containing 0 digits, 7 combinations containing 1 digits, 21 combinations containing 2 digits, 35 combinations containing 3 digits, 35 combinations containing 4 digits, 21 combinations containing 5 digits, 7 combinations containing 6 digits, and 1 combinations containing 7 digits. That makes 2^7 = 128 in all.

What combinations can you make with numbers 1 4 7 2 5 8 0?

Assuming the digits cannot be repeated, there are 7 combinations with 1 digit, 21 combinations with 2 digits, 35 combinations with 3 digits, 35 combinations with 4 digits, 21 combinations with 5 digits, 7 combinations with 6 digits and 1 combinations with 7 digits. That makes a total of 2^7 - 1 = 127: too many for me to list. If digits can be repeated, there are infinitely many combinations.

How many combinations of three digits can be made from the numbers 998?

Assuming you are treating each number as a number and not as an individual unit, the numbers you can make from these digits are 899, 989 and 998.

How many number combinations are there in the numbers from 1 to 4?

they are 24 you can make with the numbers 1-4 or any other 4 digits here they are123412431432142313421324213421432431241323412314312431423421341232413214423142134312432141324123* * * * *WRONG!These are permutations, not combinations. In a combination theorder of the digits does not matter so there is only one combination of 4 digits out of 4.

How many 4 digit combinations can be made with 4 digits?

9,000 - all the numbers between 1,000 and 9,999 inclusive. * * * * * NO. Those are PERMUTATIONS, not COMBINATIONS. Also, the question specified 4 digit combinations using 4 digits. The above answer uses 10 digits. If you start with 4 digits, you can make only 1 combination.

How many 4 digit combinations can be made from 6 digits?

If the 6 digits can be repeated, there are 1296 different combinations. If you cannot repeat digits in the combination there are 360 different combinations. * * * * * No. That is the number of PERMUTATIONS, not COMBINATIONS. If you have 6 different digits, you can make only 15 4-digit combinations from them.

How many 5 numbers combinations can you make from 1 2 3 4 5?

If digits can be reused, then 5x5x5x5x5 = 3125. If digits cannot be reused, then 5x4x3x2x1 = 120.

How many combinations can be made out of seven digits?

5040, assuming none of the digits are the same. (Assuming they're not, there's 5040 unique combinations you can make out of 7 digits).

What combinations can you make with numbers 1-9?


How many 4 number combinations can you make with the numbers zero through nine?


How many combinations can you make using numbers 1 through to 10 each with three different numbers?


How many combinations can you make only using 4 7 8?

6 for 3-digits, 6 for 2-digits, 3 for 1-digits, and 15 for all of the combinations

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