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The answer will depend on the size of the concrete block!

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Q: How many concrete blocks would it take to build a 8' by 5' by 6' encloser?
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Would a scale used to weigh food be the best tool to weigh concrete blocks?

I think no because the blocks would be too heavy to weigh.

Where can one purchase concrete pavers?

I would like to build a new patio with concrete pavers. Where can I find them at?

Would a scale that is used to weigh food be the best tool to weigh concrete blocks.explain why or why not?

would a scale that is used to weigh food be the best tool to weigh concrete blocks

Can you create an island out of concrete then build a city on it?

No because if there were to be an earthquake, it would be gone and concrete is not very stable foundation.

How is the patio shape?

That depends on your materials. Bricks and blocks tend to be rectangles. Concrete can be any shape you would like.

How are the feet of the cellphone tower anchored to the ground?

The tower would be bolted down to heavy concrete blocks sunk into the ground.

What constitutes permanently attached mobile home?

I've never heard the phrase before, but would guess it means sitting on concrete blocks and anchored to the concrete pad with cables or chains.

How many cement blocks would it take to build a 10764 feet wall perimeter at 8 feet high?

The answer depends on the size of the cement blocks which are not an international standard.

Can you build a bed to sleep on with concrete?

you could but it would be rather uncomfortable! You could build the base out of concrete if your floor would support it but you would want a mattress with a lot more give. Regarding the heavy concrete base, I hear that far lighter types of concrete are now being made using ash and extruded styrene instead of sand in the concrete and with glass fibre or vegetable fibre instead of steel armature. It sounds like a good idea - the base wouldn't creak.

Why were the builders able to build the Hoover Dam and get the concrete to dry?

Concrete does dry as it solidifies, but the water used in the mix does not evaporate and leave the remaining components of the concrete in place as a solid. When concrete sets the water chemically reacts with the solids and is incorporated into the now solid material. The main problem with the setting of the concrete in Hoover Dam was to remove the heat generate in the setting process. The concrete was poured in such thick blocks that the internal temperature would have risen to damaging levels without special procedures to remove this heat. Coolant was circulated through pipes laid in the concrete to remove this heat.

How many concrete blocks in a 50 foot line?

Depends on mortared or dry. Mortared it would be 37, or actually 36.4. Dry stacked it would be 38, or 37.5.

Why did people build bomb shelters in the 1950's?

it would extend off of there main basement and it would be made from cinder blocks

How many blocks would you need to build an up and down staircase with 5 steps up and 5 steps down?

15 blocks. The same steps can be used for going up or down!

How did ancient rome build their houses?

they would make it with different things such as concrete stone wood and sometimes even marble

Is the concrete in Hoover Dam still curing?

No. It was poured in 25 foot rectangular blocks, so each block would cure before pouring the next.

What are casing blocks and why aren't they part of the pyramid today?

Casing Blocks were laid on top of the main blocks used to build a pyramid. They were trimmed so the outer surface would be smooth and the same color. They are no longer used today, because pyramids are no longer being built.

Can you grow grass over cement?

You can, but it is very difficult. You would need to build up enough soil on top of the concrete, to support a healthy root system. The other thing to consider it water drainage, which with concrete you would likely have to water every day.

How much premix concrete need to build 1 cubic meters of concrete?

An 80 pound bag of premix concrete will make .6 cubic feet of cured concrete. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic meter, so it would take 45 80 pound bags to make one cubic meter.

How did the egyptians build all of the pyramids?

The pharaoh's paid farmers to work on the pyramid during the off season, when no farming would have been done. A pharaoh would offer money to a team of people who would build the pyramids using basic tools, and they would pull the stone blocks using oxen.

Who would live in concrete castles?

Kings as there was nothing else to build with in the 1300s as it was a very long time ago and that was the strongest material to build it with xx by Amber aged 12 xx haha I answered it xx

How many city blocks would you have to walk back if you walked 9 blocks east then 10 blocks north and then finished by walking 4 blocks west?

You would have to walk 10 blocks south and then 5 blocks west or something like that for example 3 blocks west then 5 blocks south then 2 blocks west then 5 blocks south again but it all adds up to be a total of 15 blocks.

How many paving brick are needed per sq metre?

Varies depending on the size of the bricks.Paving blocks come in various sizes depending on the type of paving.Standard paving blocks are are of pre cast concrete 100 mm by 200 mm the thickness varies. The heavier the traffic the thicker the blocks.There are however, standard thickness's, 50 mm, 80 mm, and 100 mm are the most common.For instance on a house driveway 50 mm blocks would be the most favoured, whilst on a dockyard which is used by heavy vehicles 100 mm blocks would be the choice.You would need 50 standard blocks to cover one square metre.

What is the building block from which plants build sugar?

6H2O + 6CO2 + sunlight → C6H12O6 (glucose) + 6O2 So the building blocks would be water and carbon dioxide

Would a scale that is used to weigh food be the right tool to weigh concrete blocks?

No, the range of the scale is wrong, the food scale probably has a maximum capacity of one or two pounds, whereas a concrete block weighs about 40 pounds, so the scale can not weigh the block.

How many blocks would you have to walk back if you 3 blocks South 5 blocks west and finished by walking 9 blocks east?

17 Blocks altogether