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how many contribution of aryabhatta in mathematics and anstronomy

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Q: How many constribution of aryabhatta in mathematics?
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What aryabhatta did?

he did mathematics

What types of mathematics did Aryabhatta studied?

discovery in maths by aryabhatta?

What is the contribution of Aryabhatta in mathematics?


What are the Aryabhatta contributions to mathematics?

zero 0

How can you say that arya bhatta was the father of astronomy?

Aryabhatta is the father of mathematics.

What ancient Indian invention changed the world of mathematics?

Aryabhatta who invented 0(Zero) changed the world of mathematics

Who was aryabhatta's wife?

There is no definitive information available about Aryabhatta's wife. Historical records mainly focus on his contributions to mathematics and astronomy, rather than personal details about his life.

What are the names of the awards Aryabhatta has won?

Aryabhatta has not won any specific awards as he was an ancient Indian mathematician and astronomer who lived during the 5th century. However, he is widely recognized and celebrated for his contributions to the fields of mathematics and astronomy.

What is the name of Aryabhatta's parents?

aryabhatta-2 (mother's name)aryabhatta-1 (father's name)aryabhatta-2 (mother's name)

What is name of aryabhatta parents?

aryabhatta-2 (mother's name)aryabhatta-1 (father's name)aryabhatta-2 (mother's name)

Who is the father maths?

Mathematics is a vast subject and hence different people are known as father of different branches of mathematics:--- Arithmetic - (Aryabhatta, 476 AD) Plain Geometry - (Euclid, 350 BC) Algebra - (Brahmagupta, 596 AD) Trigonometry (Aryabhatta/Ptolemy) Calculus (Newton/Leibnniz) Algebraic - Geometry (Rene Descarte):

How many wives did Aryabhatta marry?

I believe the answer is 1.