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It has 4 corners.

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6 edges.

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Q: How many corners does a triangle based pyramid have?
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How many faces edges and corners does a triangle based pyramid have?

5 faces 8 edges 5 corners (vertexes) * * * * * Wrong! The answer given above is for a SQUARE based pyramid. A triangle based pyramid, or a tetrahedron, has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 corners (vertices).

How many faces corners and edges for the pyramid with triangle base?

A triangular-based pyramid has 4 corners, 4 faces and 6 edges.

How many corner triangle pyramid have?

a triangle pyramid has 5 corners

How many corners has a hexagon based pyramid?

A hexagon based pyramid has 7 corners.

How many corners does a squared based pyramid have?

If you imagine a square-based pyramid sitting on its base, there will be the four corners of the square, plus the top: a square-based pyramid has five corners.

If you have a 3 dimensional triangle how many edges do you have?

A three dimensional triangle is also known as a pyramid. In a triagonal pyramid, there are six edges and four corners.

How many corners has a triangular based pyramid?

Four. Three corners to the base and the apex.

How many corners does a 4 sided pyramid have?

If you mean the base has 4 sides then the pyramid is a square based pyramid and has 5 corners. If you mean the pyramid has 4 faces then the pyramid is a tetrahedron with a triangular base and has 4 corners.

How many faces does a 2Dtriangle-based pyramid have.?

a triangle- based pyramid has 4 faces

How many cornes does a square based pyramid have?

A square based pyramid has 5 corners - 4 for the square and 1 for the top of the pyramid.

How many based does a triangle pyramid have?


How many corners does a triangular based pyramid have?

A triangular based pyramid would have 4 corners; three for the triangular base and one for the peak. A pyramid has twice as many edges as sides in its base; thus a triangular pyramid has 2 × 3 = 6 edges. A triangular based pyramid is called a tetrahedron.