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There is only one country which is the United States of America.

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Q: How many countries use customary systems for mesurment?
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How many countries use the customary system?

Some countries in Africa used the customary legal system. They usually use a combination of a customary system and a civil code.

What countries use both the metric and customary system?

In many European countries the metric system IS the customary system!

How many countries use customary?

The UK uses the predecessor to US Customary called 'Imperial' - most of which is identical apart from volume measures.

How many countries still use the customary unit?

Officially, three do: Myanmar, Liberia, and the USA.

How many different systems of unit of measure are there across the globe?

There is exactly 2 the metric system and the customary system

How many ml is 3tbsp in cooking mesurment?

44.34375 ml in 3 Tbs

How did the customary system come about?

Piecemeal, over centuries and from across many countries - although the UK had a disproportionate share of units.

How many countries use coustomary units in their official measurement system?

All of them. Whatever units a country uses are 'customary' in that country.

What countries use metric system and what countries use customary system?

The metric system is used by most countries around the world, including all of Europe, Canada, Australia, and many others. The customary system, also known as the imperial system, is primarily used in the United States, Liberia, and Burma (Myanmar).

Why do we eat meat with wine?

Not everybody will eat meat with wine. In many European countries it is customary to drink red wine with meat but this is not essential.

How many significant figuares are in the mesurment 11.40 grams?

3 Significant figues are any other number apart from 0

Is sports considered a custom?

Sports are not a specific custom, but sports themselves have customary behaviors both on and off the field. For example, in many cultures and countries there are customary behaviors and traditions observed by the fan bases. On the field customs include good sportsmanship and respecting the dignity of opposing players, for example.