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Q: How many cu. ft. are in a ton of dry fertilizer?
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1 cu meter equals how many tonns of sand?

One m3 = TON * 2.4

How many meters of sand in one ton?

It will depend on type of sand ie fine,medium,coarse one cu mt per ton of sand will range between 1.4 ton to 2 ton

Weight of a cu yard of blacktop?

Approx. 1 ton

How do you convert 1m3 sand dry to ton?

1 cubic meter = 35.3 cubic feet sand weighs 100 pounds per cu ft 35.3 x 100 = 3530 pounds 1 ton = 2000 pounds 3530/2000 = 1.76 tons

How many cubic yards are in one ton of traffic bond?

This web site has a calculator to determine how many cu yards and tons one needs of limestone "traffic bond". Using that calculator (and changing numbers until I got 1 ton) the calculator says I would need .66 cu yards.

Which weighs more a yard of dry sand or a yard of dry gravel?

A yard of dry gravel weighs more than a yard of dry sand. One yard of dry gravel is equal to 2970lbs/cu. yd while one yard of dry sand weighs 2619lbs/cu. yd

How many cubic feet equals 1 ton of sand?

At 100 lbs per cu ft, that's 2500 pounds. At 2000 lbs/ton, that's 2500/2000 = 1.25 tons

How many gallons in metric ton for specific gravity 1.4?

1.4 = D / D (water) 1.4 = D / 1 tonne/cu meter 1.4 tonne/cu meter = D 1.4 tonne/cu meter * 1 cu meter/ 264.17 gal = D D = 369.8 tonne / gal So, 0.0027 gal in tonne

How many cubic centimeters can a quarter ton hold?

Do you mean a tun which is about 953.92 litres?If so, 1/4 tun is 953.92 / 4 = 238.48 litres.1 litre = 1000 cu cm1/4 tun ~= 238480 cu cm.

Dry concrete weight?

ROUGHLY!, about 150lbs. per cu. ft.

How many cu ft is a yard?

how many cu ft is a yard

How many cu ft are in 20 lb of mulch?

At an average of about 30 lbs per cubic foot, that is about 20/30 = 2/3 cubic feet. A little less if wet, about 1 cu ft if really dry