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1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

2 cubic yards = 54 cubic feet

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Q: How many cubic feet are in two cubic yards?
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54 cubic feet is equal to how many cubic yards?

54 cubic feet is equal to 2.07 cubic yards.

How many cubic feet are there in two cubic yards?

54 cubic feet 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

2 yard's equal how many feet?

Two linear yards equals six linear feet and twqo cubic yards equals 54 cubic feet.

How many yards are in a 5 cubic feet?

The conversion between cubuc feet and cubic yard are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . 1 cubic ft = 0.037 cubuc yards . So, 5 cubic feets =0.037 X 5 cubic yards . =0.1851 yards cubic .

How many cubic yards in 1584 feet?

None! feet are a linear measure.If the question had been "How many cubic yards in 1584 cubic feet", the answer would be:1584 / 33 = 1584 /27 = 58.667 fifty eight and two thirds

How many cubic yards are in 3600 square feet?

Cubic is an area of volume and square feet a unit of area. The two cannot be converted.

How many cubic yards in 8 feet by 24 feet?

You haveto convert feet to yards. 8 feet = 2.66666 yards 24 feet = 8 yards There are 21 and a third squared yards in 8ft by 24ft. You can not take cubic measurements when only given two units. You need a third measurement... if 8ft is the length and 24 feet is the width... then you would need the height to figure out cubic yards. you need three dimensions for cubic measurements and two dimensions for squared measurements.

How many cubic.yards is 136 square feet 3 deep?

136 square feet * 3 feet = 15.11... cubic yards.

How many cubic yards in 750 sq ft?

Cubic yards measures volume and square feet measures area. There is no direct conversion between the two.

How much is a cubic foot of topsoil compared to yards?

Cubic feet are a measure of volume, yards are a measure of distance. It is not possible to compare the two. However, if you want to compare cubic feet to cubic yards , often referred to as a yard, there are 3 feet X 3 feet X 3 feet, or 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.

How many square feet will 12 cubic yards of gravel cover at two inch thickness?

744 Square Feet

After finding th square feet of an area what number would you use to convert the measurment to cubic yards?

A measurement in square feet is a measurement of area, while a measurement in cubic yards is a measurement of volume. The two units are, therefore, incompatible.You can, however, convert between square feet and square yards, or cubic feet and cubic yards.

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