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In order to determine the cubic feet, you will have to know the 3-dimensions of the container. If it is 20' x 20' x 20', then the cubic feet would be 8000 cubic feet.

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Q: How many cubic feet are there in a 20 foot container?
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approximately 2400 cubic feet

How many cubic foot is a container that contains 1500 liters of water?

Assuming the container is full at 1500 liters, the container's volume in cubic feet will be about 53 cubic feet (52.9720005, more precisely).

How many cubic meter in 20 feet container?

A square 20-foot container (cube) has a volume of 226.53 cubic meters.

How many cubic feet are in in cubic foot?

There is one cubic feet per cubic foot.

How many cubic foot in 20ft container?

A container may measure: 20 x 8 x 8 therefore capacity is 1280 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet is container 20 inches long 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep?

There is 1440 cubic feet in a container that big.==================================Another contributor pounced on that answer:Whoops ! 1440 is a correct number ... for cubic inches, not cubic feet.(1,440 cubic inches) / (1,728 cubic inches per cubic foot) = 5/6 cubic foot = 0.8333

How many gallons will a container that is 35200 cu feet hold?

A 35,200 cubic foot container can hold up to 263,314.29 gallons.

A container 10 foot long 5 foot wide 2 foot deep how many liters?

The volume 10 foot times 5 foot times 2 foot is 100 cubic feet. 100 cubic feet are 2831.6846592 liters.

How many cubic feet are in a 20 gallon container?

2.674 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet are in a 96 dry gallon container?

There are 14.93 cubic feet in a 96-dry gallon container.

How many cubic feet in a 24 foot box truck?

10 foot truck-368 cubic feet 14 foot truck-669 cubic feet 17 foot truck-849 cubic feet 24 foot truck-1401 cubic feet 26 foot truck-1538 cubic feet

How many cubic feet in 35 gallon container?

Approximately 4.7 cubic feet.

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