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  • The ISS will have an internal pressurized volume of 46,000 cubic feet, or about 1.5 Boeing 747s. (from a Boeing website of ISS funfacts)
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Q: How many cubic feet in the International Space Station?
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How many feet is the international space station?

17000 square feet

Name of the new float-in closet at International Space Station?

The name of the new float-in closet at the International Space Station is Leonardo. The module measures 21-feet long and 15-feet wide, providing an additional 2,472-cubic feet of useable pressurized volume. It is intended for storage only, and does not have an crew amenities.

How long is the international space station?

The ISS is 357 feet long, and compare that to a football field which is 360 feet long.

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About long is a international space stacion?

The length of the International Space Station is 357 feet from end to end. It measures close to being as long as a football field inducing the end zones.

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