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You would need 48 cubic feet of corn.

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Q: How many cubic feet of corn would be needed to fill a cardboard box that is 6 feet 4 feet 2 feet?
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Is there a substitute for Durian peelings when making the durian cardboard project?

Corn husks would do :)

Corn bushels per cubic foot?

.80385 bushels per cubic foot based on 56 # per bushel corn

Are chesters flamin hot cheetos made out of cardboard?

No, they are not. This sort of question just proves what Chester the Cheetah says, "It's not easy to be this cheesy."

What is needed for corn to grow?

corn seeds

How many bushels of corn will fill a 40 Gallon drum?

A bushel is a set measure of volume equal to 1.25 cubic feet so and there are 0.156 cubic feet per gallon so 5 bushels of grain would fit in a 40 gallon drum which in the case of dry corn would weigh 280 pounds.

Density of corn oil?

A cubic foot of corn oil weighs about 28.136 kg or a bit under 62.4 pounds.

What Greek god would you go to if your crops were failing and you needed desperate help?

Dementer God of corn

What is the volume of 1000kg corn mixer?

If the mixer will hold 1,000 kilograms of shelled corn, then it holds approximately 40 bushels. This is approximately 50 cubic feet, or somewhat less than 1.5 cubic meters.

How is a bushel of corn?

Slightly larger than one cubic foot. It is the amount of corn that will fit into a box about 15 inches long, 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. (2,150 cubic inches)

How many corn in 1 cubic meters?

It depends on how big the piece of corn is.

How many cups to corn to a pound?

Since one bushel of shelled corn (maize) has been defined as 56 lbs. and the volume defined as 2150.42 cubic inches, one pound of corn will take up 38.4003 cubic inches. This is for field, or dent, corn. Sweet corn, depending on the type, will be lighter in weight for a given volume, some types MUCH lighter. Popcorn has a much smaller kernel size, so it will vary. I don't know about flint corn types, having never grown them.

Why was corn grown in the 1800s?

Corn was grown in the 1800's because food was scarce and they needed to survive so they grew corn.