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1X3 TON will take 12/14 cbm cargo if the cartons are semilar size

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Q: How many cubic meters fit in 3 ton truck with covered rear tray?
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How many tonnes are in 10 cubic meters truck?


How many cubic meters are in 20 yards in a 10 wheeler dump truck?


how many cubic meters is 8 and 6 wheeler truck?

The volume of a truck depends on various factors such as the dimensions of the cargo area and the type of truck. However, here are the average cargo capacities in cubic meters for an 8-wheeler and a 6-wheeler truck: 8-wheeler truck: The average cargo capacity of an 8-wheeler truck is around 25 to 30 cubic meters. 6-wheeler truck: The average cargo capacity of a 6-wheeler truck is around 15 to 20 cubic meters. It's important to note that these figures are just estimates and may vary depending on the specific make and model of the truck.

How many cubic metres in a tri-axle dump truck?

As many as it holds. There isn't a set specification for this, and the bed/cargo compartment capacity will often vary in accordance with the commodity being hauled. E.g., a truck bought solely to carry mulch will carry more cubic yards/cubic meters than a truck bought to carry stone aggregates and/or asphalt, since the mulch is a much less dense material. It'll vary in accordance with that and also with the weight/length laws of the country you're in (which we have no way of telling).

How many cubic meter of sand in a standard dump truck in the Philippines?

A standard dump truck can haul approximately six cubic meters of sand. Sand and gravel are aggregates for foundations in Philippine construction.

How many square meters will a bulk bag cover?

It depends upon the volume of the bulk bag and how deep you want it covered. Divide the cubic meters in the bulk bag by the depth in meters to get your answer. For example, a bulk bag of 2 cubic meters will cover to a depth of 1 cm. 2 cubic meters / 0.01 meters depth = 200 square meters.

How many cubic meters are in 2.1 cubic feet?

0.059 cubic meters.

How many cubic meters is 7850 cubic centimeters?

0.007850 cubic meters

How many cubic meters in a foot?

1-2 cubic meters in a foot1 cubic foot = 0.0283168466 cubic meters

How many cubic meters are in a cubic foot?

There are approximately 0.028 cubic meters in a cubic foot.

How many cubic meters in a 1200 cubic meters?


How many cubic meters are in 50 cubic feet?

100 cubic feet = 2.83 cubic meters