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If I assume we're talking about a cylinder, its volume is:
Volume=Height x Diameter x Diameter x Pi /4
where Pi=3.1416

Here, Volume=0.3x0.5x0.5x3.1416/4=0.0589 cubic meters (58.9 liters)

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Q: How many cubic meters in 30cm deep by 50 cm diameter?
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What is the crater diameter of mt vesuvius?

The crater diameter is about 600 meters across and is about 300 meters deep

How many cubic meters are there in 113ft long 5ft wide and 2.5inches deep?

This is a volume of 3.33 cubic meters.

How many cubic metre of earth is to be dug out to make a well 21 metre deep and 3.2 metre in diameter?

Volume = pi*1.62*21 = 168.8920211 or about 170 cubic meters of earth.

How many cubic feet in a round hole 12 inches diameter and 54 inches deep?

A round hole 12" in diameter and 54" deep has a volume of about 3.5 cubic feet.

What is the volume in cubic meters of a tank that is 58 meters diameter half meter deep?

the formula is pi x r2 x h So, 3.14159 x 292 x 0.5 = 1321m3

How many cubic feet in a round hole 12 inches diameter and 30 inches deep?

1.963 cubic feet

How many cubic yards are in a cylinder 30 ft in diameter and 6 inches deep?

13.1 cubic yards, approx.

How many cubic meters of dirt are in a hole 6 meters long meters wide and 1 meter deep?


How many cubic meters of concrete do you need to cover 360 square meters at 100mm deep?


How much sand do you need for 135sq meters?

You need 1.35 cubic meters for each centimeter deep.

How many cubic meters would you need to fill an area of 28 meter square by 10 cm deep?

A 28 meter square is 28 times 28 meters or 784 square meters. If it is one tenth of a meter (10 cm) deep, it has a volume of 78.4 cubic metersIf you mean 28 square meters (like a pool 4 meters by 7 meters) then the volume one tenth of a meter deep is 2.8 cubic meters.

How many cubic yards of concrete will be needed for a hole that is 4 feet in diameter and 9 feet deep?

4.186 cubic yards

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