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A cubic meter is one square meter on each side of a cube. Think of a box which is one meter long on each side. A square meter has no height, so you can't really say how many square meters are in a cubic meters.

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Q: How many cubic meters in square metres?
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How many cubic meters in 96 square meters?

None. Cubic metres is volume and square metres is area.

How many cubic meters in 18.4 square meters?

cubic metres measures volume, square metres measures area. These are two completely different things.

How many square meters are in a cubic meter?

There are no square metres in a cubic metre because they measure different things. Square metres measure area, cubic metres measure volume. Asking this question is like asking "how many metres are there in an hour?"

How many cubic meter is in 77 m2 yard?

Incorrect. Square meters cannot be converted to cubic meters.

100 square meters is how many cubic meters?

The two things are not comparable. Square metres are a unit of area. Cubic metres are a unit of volume. There is no conversion between the two.

How many cubic meters in 3200m2 x 15 feet height?

15 feet = 4.572 metres 3200 square metres x 4.572 metres height = 14630.4 cubic metres

How many cubic meters in 600 square meters if the height is 5cm?

600 sq.m. x 5/100 of a metre = 30 cubic metres.

How many cubic meters are in one square kilometer?

There are zero cubic metres in any number of square kilometres; any two-dimensional area has zero volume. There are 1 million square meters in 1 square kilometre. There are 1 billion cubic meters in 1 cubic kilometre.

How many cubic meters is 4.3 cubic centimeters?

It is 4.3*10^(-6) cubic metres = 0.000043 cubic metres.

How many cubic meters in a hectare?

10,000 square metres equals 1 hectare. Cubic metres would define a 3 dimensional object which a hectare does not describe.

How many cubic meters are in a foot?

1 cubic foot = 0.0283168 cubic metres

How many cubic meters are in 1 gallon?

0.004 cubic metres.

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