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Q: How many cubic meters of fine sand in 1 ton?
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How many cubic meter in one ton of fine sand?

1 cubic meter of fine sand is equal to 1.25 tons

How many cubic meters of building sand are there in a ton of building sand?

there is about 7 meters in a tonne

How many cubic meter is 1 ton of chromite sand?

.7231 cubic meters

170 kg equal how many cubic meters of sand?


How many cubic meters of sand are in 1 ton of sand?

Loose dry sand is about 1.5 tonnes per cubic meter, so a tonne of sand would be about two thirds of a cubic meter.

How many cubic meters in 1 unit of sand?

Sand, dirt, gravel and even concrete is measured by the cubic yard and each cubic yard is 1 unit. therefore 1 unit of sand = 27 cubic feet Hence 1 unit of sand = .772 cubic meters

How many tons of sand are in a yard of sand?

There is approximately 1. 35 tons in a cubic yard of fine sand.

How many sand in one cubic meter of concreate?

Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, stone, and water. In a cuibic meter of concrete, , there is about 0.3 cubic meters of sand, or about 475 kg

How many cubic meter of sand in a cubic meter concrete?

Generally the rule of thumb for this is 2.5 to 1, meaning you would need 2.5 cubic meters of sand to manufacture 1 cubic meter of concrete.

What is the cost of sand in India in cubic meters?


How many cubic meter of sand in a standard dump truck in the Philippines?

A standard dump truck can haul approximately six cubic meters of sand. Sand and gravel are aggregates for foundations in Philippine construction.

How many cubic feet in one ton of sand?

Approximately 20 for dry sand. It varies a little depending on how fine the grains are.

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