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Q: How many cubic millimeters are in 3 cubic centimeters?
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How do you calculate 4.0 4.0 4.0 in centimeters 3 and millimeters?

64 cubic centimeters = 64000 cubic millimeters Answer Method: 1. Redefine the question as "How do you calculate 4 x 4 x 4 into cubic centimeters and cubic millimeters?" 2. 4cm x 4cm x 4cm = 4^3 = 64 cubic centimeters. 3. 64 cubic centimeters = 64000 cubic millimeters Note: 1 cubic centimeter = 1000 cubic millimeters. ====== Answer 1: unanswerable question in current form

Is three mm equal to three cubic cm?

No. First of all, they are different categories of measurements. 3 millimeters is a one-dimensional measure of length and 3 cubic centimeters is a three-dimensional measure of volume. If we changed it to 3 cubic millimeters and 3 cubic centimeters, the 3 cubic centimeters are the equivalent of 3,000 cubic millimeters, because there are 1,000 cubic millimeters to a cubic centimeter.HOWEVER, if the question meant to ask if 3 milliliters or 3 mL was equal to 3 cubic centimeters, than this would be correct.

How many centimeters is 30 millimeters?

300 mm 1 cm = 10 mm 1 mm = 0.1 cm

How many centimeters in 3 cubic feet?

84951 cubic centimeters

A box is 3 centimeters long 3 centimeters wide and 3 centimeters high How many cubic centimeters?

3x3x3 = 27 cubic centimeters

How many millimeters makes a 3 centimeter?

3 centimeters is 30 millimeters.

Three centimeters equals how many millimeters?

3 centimeters=30 millimeters

How many centimeters are 30 millimeters?


How many cubic centimeters to a cubic inch?

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters 1 cubic inch = (2.54)3 cubic centimeters = 16.387064 cubic centimeters

How many millimeters are in 0.3 centimeters?

There are 3 millimeters in 0.3 centimeters, since there are 10 mm in a cm

How many cubic centimeters are there in 3 cubic feet?

Three cubic feet equals about 84,950.5 cubic centimeters.

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