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25 sq ft * 5 inch = 25/9 sq yards * 5/36 yards = (25/9)*(5/36) cubic yards = 125/216 cubic yards

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Q: How many cubic yard of concrete are in 25 square feet with a 5 inch depth?
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How many cubic feet of concrete for 1700 square feet?

The depth is needed to calculate that.

How many square feet will one yard of concrete cover?

1 cubic yard of concrete fills 27/depth in feet square feet.

How many square feet in a yard of concret?

1 cubic yard of concrete fills 27/depth in feet square feet.

Measuring square feet into yards of concrete?

1 cubic yard of concrete fills 27/depth in feet square feet.The number of cubic yards you need is(length of the pad in feet) x (width of the pad in feet) x (depth of the pad in inches)/324

How many cubic yards of concrete are needed to cover 700 sq ft to a depth of 2 feet?

700 sq feet to 2 feet depth = 1400 cubic feet of concrete, which is equal to 51.85185 cubic yards of concrete.

How many yards of concrete needed for 576 square feet?

For 576 square feet at a depth of 4 inches, you will need 7.11 cubic yards.

How many square yards of concrete are in 1000 square feet with a 6 inch depth?

1000 square feet/9 = 111.1 square yards of concrete 6 inches thick. This is the same as 111.1/4.5 = 24.7 cubic yards of concrete.

How many yards of concrete will you need for 720 square feet?

720 square feet at the standard 4-inch depth requires 8.9 cubic yards.

How many square feet in 50 yards of concrete?

1350/depth of the concrete in feet

Change square feet to cubic feet?

square feet is length X width, you need depth measurment to get cubic feet.

How square feet in one yard of concrete?

It is impossible to answer the question as asked because square feet is a measure of area and a "yard of concrete" actually refers to a cubic yard of concrete. However, if we make a couple assumptions we can answer the question I THINK you're asking which is, "How many square feet of concrete does one cubic yard of concrete yield if poured to a typical depth of 4 inches?" The inches of depth can be changed to suit the situation, but in any case giving the poured concrete a depth turns it into a volume which makes it easier to compute the area a cubic yard of concrete will cover. To begin, we need to convertt the square footage of concrete (which is an area) to a volume. Let's use 6 inches for the depth: 12" x 12" x 6" = 864in^3 or 864 cubic inches This is the number of cubic inches of concrete in one square foot of concrete poured to a depth of 6 inches. Now we put a cubic yard into the same terms, cubic inches: 36" x 36" x 36" = 46,656 in^3 or 46,656 cubic inches of concrete. Now we simply divide number of cubic inches of concrete in a yard of concrete by the number of cubic inches in a square foot of concrete poured to a depth of 6 inches: 46656 / 864 = 54 square feet. By the way, there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard and you may notice that 27 x 2 = 54. That's a result of the depth I chose for the poured concrete--6 inches. A square foot of concrete poured to a depth of 6 inches is equal to one half cubic foot of concrete. 27 / .5 = 54 If you want to figure square foot yield per yard when you pour the slab at 4 inches instead of 6 inches, then simply substitute 4" in the equations for 6". (36" x 36" x 36") / (12" x 12" x 4") = 81 square feet.

A square yard equals how many cubic feet?

Square yards or square feet and cubic feet or cubic yards do not convert. Square is a measurement of area, and cubic is a measurement of volume. One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet, and 1 square yard equals 9 square feet. Sand, dirt, concrete, debris, etc. are measured in cubic yards. To determine how many square yards a cubic yard of something will cover, you must first determine how thick a layer will be. For instance, using a single cubic yard of concrete, a concrete slab 3 feet thick will cover an area of 9 square feet or 1 square yard, while that same cubic yard of concrete, if poured only 1 foot thick, would cover 27 square feet of area. The area covered cannot be converted directly to cubic units until the factor of depth is included in the calculation.

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