How many cupcakes make 3 dozen?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: How many cupcakes make 3 dozen?
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How many make three dozen?

36 makes 3 dozen

How much do walmart cupcakes cost?

There about $ 3 .oo each dozen. Its a pretty gud price.

How much do cupcakes cost at walmart?

There about $ 3 .oo each dozen. Its a pretty gud price.

Mrs Scott is making cupcakes for 6 dozen kids One box of cupcake mix can make 15 cupcakes how many boxes of cupcake mix will ms Scott need to use so that each child will at least get one cupcake?

5 you would need 2 to make 30, 3 to make 45, 4 to make 60, and finally, 5 to make 75 !!! (is this what you mean ???) Megan =D

How many dozens are in 3 fourths dozen?

3/4 dozen or 0.75 dozen.

How many 3 cent stamps in a dozen?

a dozen

A recipe that makes 3 dozen cookies requires 2 cups of sugar. How many cups of sugar are needed to make 5 dozen of these cookies?

If it takes 1.5 cups for each dozen, then 5 dozen takes 7.5 cups of sugar.

How many cupcakes do Americans eat a year?


How many dozen is 36 pieces?

There are 3 dozen because a dozen equals 12 pieces

Is Taylor Lautner going to be in the 3 movie of cheaper by the dozen?

i really hope they put Taylor lautner in the movie cheaper by the dozen 3! i hope they make cheaper by the dozen 3, i think there supposed to make a movie cheaper by the dozen 3. just hope they make 3 more movies of that! but at the same time! Taylor lautner has other stuff to do because of the movies in twilight! right? hopefully twilight & cheaper by the dozen 3 will all work!

How many in 3 dozen?


How many cookies in 3 dozen?

3 dozen would be 36 cookies, unless it is a bakers dozen in which case your total would be 39 cookies.