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There are 12 in a dozen. So 12 Days.

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Q: How many days are in one dozen?
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How many dozen is 50 days?

50 is (4 and 1/6) dozen of anything.

How many items are in a dozen?

One dozen = 12

If you have a hen and a half to lay one egg and half how many days would it take to lay one dozen of eggs?


How many is one dozen?

twelve, but a bakers dozen is thirteen

How many days in two dozen weeks?

2 dozen weeks = 2*12 = 24 weeks. @ 7 days per week that makes 168 days.

How many dozen are 7.5 cupcakes?

There are 12 to a dozen. If you have 7.5 cupcakes, you have less than one dozen .625 of a dozen.

How many score is one dozen?

One dozen is 0.6 (3/5) of a score.

How many gross are in one dozen?

There are 12 dozen in one gross. Therefore, there are 1/12 gross per dozen.

How many is two dozen?

One dozen equals 12. Two dozen equals 24.

How many is in one dozen?


How many units are in a half of dozen?

One dozen = 12 so half a dozen = 12/2 = 6. So simple!

What is one dozen dozen?

A dozen dozen is a gross, or 144

One is to a dozen as a dozen is to?


One gross is equal to how many?

A gross is equal to a dozen, dozen: that is, 144.

How many tens r there in a dozen?

One and one fifth.

How many is one gross?

One gross = twelve dozen.

What is one dozen?

One dozen is 12.

How many dozen in 4 gross?

There are 12 dozen in one gross. Therefore, four gross is equal to 4 x 12 = 48 dozen.

What is the amount one dozen?

One dozen is 12 Half a dozen is 6

How many pair in one dozen of socks?


How many calories are in one dozen eggs?


How many calories are in one dozen bagels?


How many movies has tom welling been in?

3 cheaper by the dozen one and cheaper by the dozen two and the Fog

How many is 6?

6 is one hand and one finger. It is also known as "half of a dozen" because a dozen is 12. It is one more than five or one hand.

In one year henrietta laid 10 dozen eggs How many eggs is that?

120. One dozen = 12. 10 x 12 = 120.