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About 6,209 estamiting for leap years.

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Q: How many days are in seventeen years?
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How many days are in seventeen decades?


How many weeks in 124 days?

There are seventeen weeks, and five days.

How many weeks are in seventeen years?

((17 years * 365 days) + 4 leap days) / 7 days-per-week = 887, give or take one leap day depending on which particular 17 years we're talking about.

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Cleopatra reigned for seventeen years.

How many weeks are seventeen days?

well 14 days is 2 weeks so its2weeks and 3 days

How many days did Odysseus before he reached the land of the phaeacians?


How many seconds are there in seventeen years?

536,112,000 seconds without leap years.

How many seconds are in seventeen days?

1 day = 86,400 seconds....17 days = 1,468,800 seconds

How many days did Odysseus travel before he reached the land of the Phaeacians?


What does it mean when you are seventeen years her junior?

It means you are seventeen years younger than she is.

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