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The answer will depend on how fast the boat can go as well as how many hours a day it is going.

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Q: How many days does it take to travel 4400 miles by boat?
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How many days will it take a boat to travel 2230 miles at 3 miles per hour?

30days, 23hrs, 16mins, 48secs.

How far is Spokane WA from Honolulu?

It is 3,083 miles away, which will take about 17 days if you travel on car and boat.

How far did Jonah have to travel to Nineveh?

He spent 3 days and nights in the great fish so if he where in a boat about 5,65 miles.

How long does it take to sail 6000 miles?

It depends on the speed of the boat. It may take around 3-4 days for travel

How long would it take to travel by boat from Germany to Australia?

The distance is 7,910 nautical miles. If the boat travels at 25 mph, it would take just over 13 days.

How long does it take to travel from California to Japan by boat?

By kayak, it would take about 35 days to travel from California to Japan. It takes 80 days by sail boat.

How many miles did the pilgrims travel to massachuttes?

About three thousand. In a wooden boat with sails over sixty-six days only to wind up hundreds of miles north of where they were trying to go.

How can you travel from Tokyo to Okinawa by boat?

You can. but it will take 1 to 2 days.

How long does it take to travel around the world in a boat?

235 days

How many hours to travel 3000 miles on a boat?

Assuming the boat goes about 60mph (this would be a speed boat), it would take 3000/60 = 50 hours or about 2 days of non-stop driving. Don't forget to bring extra gas!

What was the transportation in New Hampshire like in colonial times?

Transportation was only a few ways. By foot, horse, wagon, or boat. To travel meant that you needed several days if you were going further than 5 or 10 miles from home. To travel by horse to go 30 miles would take about 3 days one way. A horse could only travel about 10 miles a day so to go round trip on a 30 mile trip would take 6 days of travel. That doesn't include any busy that was needed to be done.

How many miles from Manila Philippines to Davao by land travel Philippines?

It is around 750 miles by plane. You can take the long bus trip but plane is cheap and easier. Boat is another but does take 2 days.