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1 trillion seconds = 11.6 million days (approx)

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Q: How many days equals 1 trillion sec?
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540 seconds equals how many minutes?

8minutes equals how many sec

How many days are in 8560 sec?

0.1 days

How many seconds equals six days?

518,400 seconds (60 sec x 60 min x 24 hours x 6 days).

0.015 sec equals How many milli seconds?


7200 sec equals how many hours?

2 hours

How many seconds in 475 days?

1710000 sec.

A ฦ’ equals 45 Hz ฮค equals?

1/45 sec or 0.023 sec

How do you get how many seconds are in 2 days?

60 sec*60 min= 3600 sec/hr 3600sec/hr *24 hr/day=86400sec/day 86400 sec/day*2 days =172800 sec/2 days there is 172800 seconds in 2 days

730 days is equal to how many sec?

730 days is; 63,027,000 seconds

6 hrs 20min equals how many sec?

6 hours and 20 minutes equals 22800 seconds.

How many seconds are in 60 days?

60 days * (24 hr / day) * (60 min / hr) * (60 sec / min) = 5,184,000 sec

How many grams equals how many newton?

One newton is equal to the force imparting acceleration of 1 m/sec/sec to a mass of 1,000 grams.

Every time you laugh for 15 sec it adds how many days for your life?

3 days!!

How many seconds are in an 3 day?

there are 259,200 sec in 3 days

What is the derivative of y equals sec x?


One million sec is how many months?

Depends on how many days in the said month!

How many sec in 7 days?

7 days x 24 hours/day x 60 minutes/hour x 60 sec/minute = 604800

What was jack's speed from t equals 5 sec to t equals 10 sec?

There is sufficient information to determine Jack's speed at t equals 10 seconds.

What is 32 cm per sec equals how many meters per min?

19.2m/min calculation 60 sec/1 min * 32 cm/sec * 1 m/100cm

How many sec and nano sec in two days?

About 90 000 seconds or 90 000 000 000 000 nanoseconds.

How many seconds equals up to seven minutes?

One minute = 60 seconds. Multiply 60 (sec) by 7 (min), which yields 420 (sec)

1 nanosecond equals how many seconds?

1 nanosecond = 10-9 sec = 0.000000001 sec = 1 billionth of a sec. (Roughly the time it takes light/radio to travel one foot.)

92.7 sec equals what frequencies?

0.01078748651 hertz

How many liters equals to 1 cu secs?

I do not recognize sec as a distance measurement (which would be necessary for one cubic sec to be a volume), please rephrase the question.

What does 47960 sec equal in a day?

47960 sec = 0.55509 days (approx)