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With Mongolian children it is hard to answer. Firts we have to think about city children, those are visiting school 5 days a week, just same as Russia. They are in the school until 2 o'clock approximately. On the other hand there is quite different picture concerning the children of the steppe, from the nomad families. There are two possibilities with those nomad children. First, they are enrolled to the schools, so they are in school for whole school year going home only for the summer holiday, because home yurt is too far to go there every day, or even for a week-end. Or there is a second possibility, that a mongolian child, living in a broad steppe in the vicinity of nature, is not enrolled for a school and rest home for "private home school". Which theoretically means, that parents have to do the teaching. But those children mostly live the tradittional style of life, working with cattle, collecting cattle dumplings for fire etc...

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Q: How many days per week do Mongolian children go to school?
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