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There are 10 decimetres in one metre. Therefore, one centimetre is equal to 1/10 decimetres, one tenth of a decimetre, or 0.1 decimetres.

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Q: How many decimeters make up 1 cm?
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10 cemtimeter equals how many decimeters?

10 centimeters make up one decimeter.

How many 2 cm cube can make up a 8 cm cube?


How many cm make up 4 and a half meters?

There are: 450 cm = 4.5 metres

There are mm in 1 cm?

There are 10mm in 1cm. It goes up by tens. 10mm in 1cm. 10cm in 1 decimeter. 10 decimeters in 1 meter.

How many cm make up 6 and a half m?


How many grams of copper make up a sheet of copper that is 30.0 cm x 20.0 cm x 0.10 cm?


How many millimeters make up a cm?

10 millimeters per centimeter.

How many cm make up 24 inches?

About 60.96cm

How many millimeters make up 40 decimeters?

1 decimetre = 100 millimetres so 40 dm = 40*100 mm = 4000 mm. Simple!

How many cm add up to being a m?

100cm make one metre

How many centimeters make up 2.53 km?

2.53 km = 253000 cm

How many centimetres make up a hand the measurement used on horses?

11.2 cm.