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Q: How many degrees apart are the power strokes on a 4 cylinder?
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How many power strokes are there in a 8 cylinder 2 stroke engine with formula please?

A formula to find power stroke for an 8 cylinder 4stroke engine would be RPM/2=power strokes per minute. A 2 strokenengine has twice as many power strokes as a 4 so RPM=power strokes. Since rpm is not given in the question, I can't tell you how many power strokes there are.

How many power strokes occur in a eight cylinder engine in one revolution?


If the crankshaft of a two stroke engine is rotating at 900rpm how many power strokes occur each second?

Two stroke engines have one power/exhaust stroke and one intake/compression stroke per revolution per cylinder. A One cylinder engine at 900rpm produces 15 power strokes per second.

What is meant by the term 'the engine firing interval'?

Its a scary term at first but its easy to understand once you get the knack for it. An engine that has a 270 degree firing order means the bangs (power stroke) from each cylinder are 270 degrees of crankshaft rotation appart. When cylinder one fires, cylinder two will fire 270 degrees later, this trend would continue if the engine had more cylinders i.e. 4,6,8,10, and 12 cylinder engines. If and engine had a 360 degree firing interval its the same as above, cylinder one goes bang, cylinder two goes bang 360 crankshaft degrees later. Hope this helps. Its a scary term but its easy once you get the knack of it. Firing interval means the degrees in crankshaft rotation the power strokes are appart in an engine. Take for example the engine in the 2008 Triumph Scrambler it is a twin cylinder engine with a firing interval of 270 degrees. In this engine when cylinder one goes on its power stroke, cylinder two will have its power stroke 270 crankshaft degrees later. Ok now lets take the Cheverolet Corvette, Chevy has the firing interval at 90 degrees. So that means cylinder one fires then cylinder 8,4,3,6,5,7,2 follow all 90 degrees appart from each other. Hope this helps

What is the functions of heat power cycle in a steam power plant?

There is no such thing as a heat power cycle in a steam engine.The power stroke, or strokes, result from pressurised steam being let into the cylinder and moving the piston.

What is happining in a four storke engine?

OK first you have the 4 strokes which are intake, compression, power, and exhaust. Intake is where the fuel and air are brought into the cylinder. compression is when the cylinder moves up compressing the air and fuel are compressed. power is where the spark plug ignites the fuel and air pushing the cylinder down. and exhaust is when the spent gas and co2 are pushed out of the cylinder. Hope this helps.

How many power strokes per second?

there is 60 to 75 power strokes per second, 450 per min

Is 208v 3ph the same as 220 1ph?

No, not at all. Single phase power consists of two "hot" conductors whose sine waves are 180 degrees apart. Three phase power has three "hot" conductors whose sine waves are 120 degrees apart. The voltage level has nothing to do with it.

How power cylinder connection rod and cylinder block works in stirling engine?

The power cylinder works on the principle that heated air expands, and cooled air contracts. After the displacer moves the air to the hot side, the air heats up and expands (after a small delay) and pushes out the power cylinder, which in turn pushes the connecting rod and the crankshaft. When the displacer has moved the air to the cold side, the air contracts, pulling the power cylinder down, pulling the crankshaft. The power cylinder is 90 degrees 'behind' the displacer, due to the delay in expanding of the air after heating.

How many degrees the crankshaft will rotate before a power stroke in a 6 cylinder engine?

It depends on if the cylinders are in line or 'V' formation

What are the 4 strokes in engine?

intake, compression, power, and exhaust.

If the crankshaft of a two stroke engine is rotating at 900 rpm how many power strokes occur each second?

450 power strokes per-minute 450/60=7.5 power stokes per second