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On a military (24-hr) clock, 15 degrees.

On a normal, everyday (12-hr) clock, 30 degrees.

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Q: How many degrees are between the 7 and 8 on a clock?
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What is the angle between the clock hands at 7 pm?

210 degrees

What is the angle between the clock hands at 7 o'clock?

Depending on where you're measuring, it's either 210 or 150 degrees.

What angle of degrees on a clock is it at 630?

15 degrees. Minute hand is pointing to the 6 and the hour hand halfway between 6 and 7, which themselves are 30 deg apart.

How many degrees between latitude 26N and 19N?

26 - 19 = 7 degrees of latitude

Find the measure of the angle formed the hands of a clock when it is 7?

150 degrees

What is the angle of the hands of a clock at 6.30?

At 6:30, the hands of a clock form a straight angle (180 degrees). At 6.00 the hands will be straight (180 degrees), at 6.30 the minute hand will be pointing at 6, the hour hand will be midway between 6 and 7 so the angle will be 15 degrees.

What angle does a clock make at 630 am?

In a clock with 12 hour readings, at 6:30 am the minute hand would be directly on 6 and the hour hand would be mid way between 6 and 7. Between any two markings on this clock the angle is 360/12 = 30 degrees. Since minute hand is precisely on 6 and hour hand is exactly half way between 6 and 7, the angle between them at 6:30 am is 30/2 = 15 degrees

When Looking at a standard wall clock at the time of 630 AM what is the angle in nearest degrees created by the minute hand and the hour hand?

15 degrees, each number is separated by 30 degrees (360/12) so if it's a standard wall clock the hour hand will be halfway between 6 and 7 and the minute hand will be pointed at 6, therefore the angle created is half that between the numbers i.e. 15 degrees.

What is the angle when clock shows 20 past 7?

clock is a circle - so 360 degrees- there are 12 divisions- so each division is 30 degrees.. big hand is at 4 ... small hand is between 7 and 8 ..... 4-5-6-7 ninety degrees. 1hr - 30 deg 1 min- 1/2 deg 20 min - 10 deg so totally - 100 deg Got that..........

What is the difference between 7 degrees and -4 degrees?


How many time zones are between 2 o clock and 7 o clock?

5 time zones , actually because there is one hour difference between each time zone so you subtract

How many degrees in Fahrenheit is in 7 Celsius?

7 degrees Celsius = 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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