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Impossible to say. They must total 180.

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Q: How many degrees does each side of a triangle have?
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How many degrees are in a triangle?

180 Degrees.In an equilateral triangle, each angle and side is 60 degrees.there is 180 degrees in every triangle

What is the side of one angle in an equilateral triangle?

Each angle is 60 degrees

3 equal side triangle?

that is called an equilateral triangle. it has 3 angles that measure 60 degrees each.

What is the side of equilateral triangle with each angle 60 degrees?

Other than to say the three sides are of equal length, you cannot get the length of the sides of a triangle knowing only its angles. Also, each angle MUST be 60 degrees in order to qualify as an equilateral triangle.

How can you tell how many degrees a triangle has using degrees of its outer side?

subtract each angle from 360. if the outside angles were 300, 270, and 330; the inside angles would be 60, 90, 30.

If the altitude of an equilateral triangle is 14 how long is each side of the triangle?

Each side of the triangle is 16.16581 units in length.

How many dergress does a hexagon have?

You mean: How many degrees does a hexagon have? 180 degrees for every side added after a triangle. Therefore, 180+180+180+180= 720 DEGREES

Does the triangle has parallel side and perpendicular side?

No triangle can have parallel sides but a right angle triangle has perpendicular sides that meet at 90 degrees

What is the unknown side of the right triangle?

It has to be 45 degrees.

How many degrees in one angle of a decagon?

144 degrees. from the triangle (180 degrees) to find the degrees of shapes with one more side, add 180 degrees. e.g. triangle (3 sides) - 180 degrees quadrilateral (4 sides) - 180 + 180 = 360 degrees

What is quadrantal triangle in spherical trigonometry?

It's an equilateral triangle whose legs are all 90-degree arcs. Here's a quadrantal triangle on the earth: -- Start at the north Pole. -- Draw the first side, down along the north 1/2 of the Prime Meridian to the equator. -- Draw the second side westward along the equator, to 90 degrees west longitude. -- Draw the third side straight north, back up to the north Pole. Each side of the triangle is 90 degrees, each interior angle is also 90 degrees, and the sum of its interior angles is 270 degrees. Pretty weird.

How you draw an obtuse scalene triangle?

Draw a triangle with one obtuse angle (more than 90 degrees), where none of the side lengths or angles are equal to each other.