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6 degrees

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Q: How many degrees does the minute hand on a clock travel when it moves through one second?
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How many degrees does the minute hand on a clock travel when it moves through one minute?

6 degrees.

How many degrees does the second hand of a clock travel in one minute?


How many degrees does the second hand on a clock travel when it moves through one second?

6 degrees. There are 360 degrees in a full circle, and therefore for every second the hand moves through one sixtieth of a circle.

How many feet will sound travel in one minute?

At the temperature of 20 degrees Celsius the sound travels 343 meters in one second or 1125.328 feet in one second. That is 20580 meters in one minute or 67523 feet in one minute.

Through which will sound travel faster?

Through the second one.

Sound travels at 1100 feet per second How many feet per minute does it travel?

1,100 feet per second = 66,000 feet per minute

How long does it take blood to travel once through the body?

one minute

Does magnetism travel through all materials?

Yes, yes it does. Yes because it can travel through anything 102 degrees

How fast does blood travel?

Blood travels at three feet per second when it leaves the heart, but it slows down as it reaches smaller arteries and capillaries. Blood takes one minute to travel through the body.

Would a steel ball in Hawaii travel faster through water at 40 degrees or 25 degrees?

40 degrees

How angle described by minute hand in 60 minute?

In 60 minutes, the minute hand completely circumnavigates the face of the clock,and returns to where it was 60 minutes earlier. That's a travel of 360 degrees.

How many degrees does the hour hand on an analog clock travel through in 1 hour?

30 degrees

What does the speed of light and the speed of sound travel through?

The speed of air at 20 degrees Celsius is 343 meters per second. The speed of light is 299 792 458 meters per second.

How much distance will light travel in a minute?

Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second and so 186,000*60 = 11,160,000 miles in a minute

What An ant is traveling at a speed of 2 inches per second. At this rate how many feet will it travel in 1 minute?

It will travel ten feet.

At 1000mm per second how long will it take to travel 100 yards?

At 1000mm per second it will take 91.44 seconds (1 minute 31.44 seconds) to travel 100 yards.

How many miles per second does light travel at?

800,000 seconds per minute Light travel approximately 3x10^8 ms-1 or approx 186,000 miles/second.

How far will sound travel in 1 minute if its speed is 1130 feet per second?

About 12.8 miles.

How many degrees does the min hand on a clock travel when it moves one min?

The minute hand in a clock in most cases sweeps 360 degrees every hour. So in one minute the angle swept is 360/60 = 36/6 = 6 degrees

How fast does sound travel through a brick at 25 degrees?


How far will a projectile travel if launched at a speed of 400 feet per second and an angle of 30 degrees?

It would depend on the gravitational field and the density of the medium through which it travels.

How much faster does sound travel through metal than air?

it is 15 times faster in iron (5,120 miles a second) than in air at 20 degrees celsius

How does light ray travel through a periscope?

Light always travels in straight lines. It comes into the periscope, gets reflected once through 90 degrees by a mirror placed at an angle, then is reflected back through 90 degrees again by a second mirror. Sometimes lenses are also used to magnify the image.

How fast does a snail go in one minute?

a snail can travel 2.36 inches a minute. a snail can travel 2.36 inches a minute.

How fast do electromagnetic waves travel through a vacuum?

300,000 kilometers/second, or 300,000,000 meters/second.