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1/6 of half a rotation = 1/12 of a rotation = 1/12 of 360 degrees = 360/12 = 30 degrees.

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Q: How many degrees has the minute hand moved through in 1 over 6 of half a rotation?
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What is the angle of rotation of the minute hand of a clock moving from 610 to 700?

It will have moved through: (50/60)*360 = 300 degrees

What is the angle between minute hand and hour hand at 735?

Every minute is six degrees. At 7:30, the hour hand has moved halfway between the 7 and 8. Call it 15 degrees.

What time will a clock show after the minute hand has moved 72 degrees?

Angle of 360 degrees = 1 hour = 60 minutes of time so 6 degrees = 1 minute of time so 72 degrees = 12 minutes of time. I have used "minutes of time" as the unit of time to avoid confusion with minute as a unit in which angles are measured (1/60 degree).

What is the Degree angle of a 6 30 wall clock?

0 degrees. No -- this is a trick question. At 6:00 the hands are at 180 degrees, but by the time the minute hand has moved to 30 minutes the hour hand has moved on to half way between '6' and '7', so the angle between the hands is 360/24 degrees = 15 degrees.

What is the angle between the two needles when the time is quarter past three?

0 degreesEach hour mark is worth 30 degrees. The hour hand will have moved 1/4 of 30 (7.5 degrees) from the 3 o'clock mark. The minute hand is on the 3 o'clock mark. That puts the hour hand 7.5 degrees ahead of the minute hand.

If a clock hand moves 1 60th of a degree every minute how many degrees will it have moved in one hour?

1 hour = 60 minutes therefore: It would have moved (1/60) x 60 minutes = 1 degree

Why the hands of a clock do not form a right angle at 1215 pm?

The minute hand, which is pointing at 3 is at right angles to 12. But the hour hand is no longer pointing at 12. The hour hand does not stay at 12 from 12:00 to 12:59 and then jump through 30 degrees at 1 o'clock. By 12:15, the hour hand has moved 7.5 degrees (clockwise) so at 12.15 the angle is 90-7.5 = 82.5 degrees.

Looking at a standard wall clock at the time 6 30 what is the angle in nearest degrees created by the minute hand and the hour hand?

The angle between the hour hand and the minute hand on a standard clock at 6:30 is 15 degrees. Let's review the movement of the hands of the clock specific to this problem. The hour hand moves through the 12 hours of half a day in 12 hours (naturally), and that translates into the hour hand moving 360 degrees in 12 hours. That means the hour hand moves 360/12, or 30 degrees per hour. That translates into 15 degrees in half an hour. If the hour hand is pointing straight down at 6:00 (which it is), it will move 15 degrees from where it was in half and hour. And the time will be 6:30 with the minute hand pointing straight down. The minute hand will be pointing to where the hour hand was half an hour ago. And, as stated, the hour hand will have moved from dead on the six and gone 15 degrees further around.

What is the angle formed if the clock is in 1201?

The hour hand moves 360/12=30 degrees every hour (so in 12 hours it moves 360 degrees -- back to where it started). One minute is 1/60 of an hour, so in 1 minute the hour hand moves 30/60=1/2 degree. In the meantime the minute hand has moved 1/60th of the distance around the clock, or 1/60 x 360 = 6 degrees. So at 12:01 the angle between the hands is 6 - 1/2 = 5 1/2 degrees

How many degrees does the little hand move in 3 hours?


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