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180 degrees

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180 degrees

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Q: How many degrees in a full protractor?
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How many degrees in a full CIRCLE protractor?


What is a Full circle Protractor?

A full protractor is is a protractor that goes 360 degrees around.

Can you measure 210 degrees on a protractor?

Yes on a full protractor you can

Why does a full protractor have 360 degrees?

Because there are 360 degrees around a point

Why does a full circle protractor only have 360 degrees?

because a full circle only has 360 degrees

What is a protractor unit called?

Protractors typically measure angles in degrees. There are 360 degrees in a full circle.

How many degrees does a triangle have?

From 180 degrees to 90 degrees based on my protractor... :D

What is a protractor postulate?

a postulate u go by in order to use the protractor. ex: 63 degrees + 55 degrees(use the protractor to find the correct degrees)

How do you draw a 350 degree angle?

By using a compass and a protractor and the reflex angle will be 10 degrees less of a full turn which is 360 degrees

How many degrees in half revolution?

180 degrees a half of a revolution is a semi circle protractor

What is the measure of an angle?

Using a protractor the measure of and angle is how many degrees around it is.

How do you measure angles with a protractor?

A protractor is a shape: semi-circle or full circle, that has degrees marked around the edge. Place the marked centre of the protractor on (for example) the corner of two lines forming a right-angle. The bottom line will be zero, while the vertical line will cross the 90 degrees mark of the protractor, so proving that a right-angle is 90 degrees.