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360 degrees

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Q: How many degrees in a square and rectangle?
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How many square verices does a rectangle have?

A rectangle has 4 vertices and they each measure 90 degrees

Why is a square a rectangle?

A rectangle is a parallelogram with angles of 90 degrees. A square has those properties (and more) so it is a rectangle.

What shapes have 4 angles of 90 degrees?

A square and a rectangle

Are the angles inside a square acute angles right angles or obtuse angles?

A square is a rectangle and a rectangle MEANS 90 DEGREES, so a square also has 90 degrees. :P

What is the sum of a rectangle angle?

The 4 angles of a rectangle add up to 360 degrees

What is a shape with a 90 degrees angle?

A square, A rectangle

What is 90 degrees look like?

A side on any square or rectangle -- improvement -- Not quite. 90 degrees looks like the junction of two sides of a square or rectangle.

How many degrees make up a square or rectangle?

360 o 360 degrees is a great answer if you not paying attention. However, if you look at a square or rectangle you will see that there are four connected line segments. A line segment is 180 degrees. Multiply that by 4 you get 720 degrees. Then if you add the 4 right angles you will have 1080 degrees.

What is the relationship between a square and a rectangle?

All squares are rectangle because just like a square have 90 degrees, rectangle also have 90 degree. But not all rectangle are square because square have all sides congruent but rectangle don't.. Wish dis help!

Is a square a rectangle prove your answer briefly?

A rectangle is a shape which has all inner angles equal to 90 degrees. A square is A RECTANGLE that has all sides of the same size. Therefore, using informatical slang, SQUARE INHERITS RECTANGLE.

What figure has 90 degrees?

Both a square and a rectangle have 4 angles of 90 degrees.

How is a rectangle always a square?

The simple answer is that a rectangle IS NOT always a square. A square is always a rectangle, though, because it has 4 corner angles of 90 degrees, and opposite sides are parallel and equal in length.