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Q: How many degrees of freedom did a four bar linkage process?
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In a two-way contingency table with four rows and four columns the appropriate degrees of freedom for the chi-square test statistic is?

The degrees of freedom for any contingency table can be calculated simply by the formula (r-1)x(c-1) where r= the number of rows and c= the number of columns. Thus for a contingency table with four rows and four columns the degrees of freedom are 3x3 = 9.

How many linkage groups are there in Drosophila melanogaster assuming that it has four homologous pairs of chromosomes?

If an organism has four linkage groups it has four chromosomes. Meiosis results in the formation of four genetically different cells.

What is one of the four freedoms that roosevelt identifies in his four freedoms speech?

Freedom of expression

Real life application of a four bar linkage?

vice grips

Translate the linkages to project ideas?

four bar linkage with instant centers

What is one of the four freedoms that Roosevelt's identified in his four freedom speech?

Freedom from want :: apex :: this was my answer

How many shocks does a 1990 jeep wrangler have?

Four on the suspension, one on the steering linkage.

Four rights secured for you in the 1st amendment?

freedom of press freedom of speech freedom of religion freedom to choice

Do the four freedoms represent actual freedom?

There is no such thing as "actual freedom."

Thomas Hunt Morgan grouped the Drosophila genes that were inheiritedtogether into four what groups?

Linkage Groups

How many degrees are there in half past four?

half past four is 30 degrees

What were the four freedoms for which both the United states and Britain stood?

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of fear, and freedom of want.