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There are 27 diagonals in a nonagon.

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Q: How many diagnals are there on a nonogon?
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How many sides does a nonogon have?

A nonogon has 9 sides

How many diagnals in a heptagon?

what is a diacnal

How many diagnals does a rectangle have?

It has 2 diagonals

How many diagnals does a rectangular prism have?

12 diagonals

What is another name for a nonogon?

There is no such thing as a nonogon. Its correct name is a nonagon.

How many diagnals for a 30-gon?

405 diagonals

How don you spell nonogon?

You don (or don't, even) spell it nonogon. The correct word is nonagon.

How many diagnals are in a 102-gon?

correct me if im wrong but 35 diagonals

Shape with nine sides?


A polygon with 9 sides?


What si a 9 sided shape?


What is a nonogon?

A nonagon is a 9 sided polygon