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10000 ; This may look to be wrong but you can have 0001 to 9999 which gives you 9999 different combinations of 4 digits, plus another one for 0000.

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Q: How many different 4-digit numerals are there?
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A key code must contain 4 numerals. There are 9 numerals available. Using these numerals how many different key codes may be created?


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What is the smallest 4digit even number?

It is 1,000.

How many different types of Indian numerals are there?

there arev o

How are numbers and numerals different?

Numerals are symbols which are used to write numbers; for example, the Arabic numerals which we use in most situations are simply the ten digits, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. Numbers are many different quantities which can be symbolized by using numerals, such as 657,899.034 or five and a half, or the square root of 2, etc.

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What is the smallest 4digit non zero number?


Who invented the Hebrew numerals?

Hebrew numerals (which are Hebrew letters, being used for a different purpose) were invented many thousands of years ago, and history does not record the name of the person who invented them.

What is the similarities between Roman Numerals and Hindu Arabic Numerals?

There are many but roman numerals refer tohindu arrabic numerals

What is the real name for roman numerals?

Etruscan numerals. The Etruscans who once ruled the Romans first conceived the idea of representing numerals for different numerical quantities.

How is the number 608 written in roman numerals?

There are many different ways one might write the numbers '608.' If one desires to write the numbers '608' in Roman numerals, one would write 'DCVIII.'

How many different 3 digit house numbers could be made using numerals 4 7 8?


How many numbers were in the arabis numerals?

the numerals 1-10

What is the difference between hieroglyphs and hieratic numerals?

Numerals are different Numbers as for hieroglyphs are symbols used to represent numbers.

How many integers are there in the numerals?

All the numerals are integers (positive integers)

What's the roman numeral w?

W existed in the "medieval roman numerals", they were different from the modern roman numerals we know and use today. W was 800, in modern roman numerals that would be DCCC.

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What are the basic roman numerals compared to the modern day numerals and how many are there?

There are 3 of those numerals and they are: x,x1,x11,cx

How do you write 3493 in Roman numerals?

Nowadays 3493 = MMMCDXCIII in Roman numerals but the ancient Romans would have wrote them out completely different

What are different forms of numbers during medieval times?

When the middle ages began, people in the West were using Roman numerals, and those in the East were using the vaguely similar Greek numerals. Arabic numerals were introduced through Spain in the eleventh Century and had sufficiently great advantage that many people had switched by the end of the thirteenth century.

How many different 2 digit numerals can be made from the digits below do not count 22 66 77and88 6 2 7 8?


What are facts that numbers and roman numerals are different?

A) Arabic numerals are in numbers whereas Roman numerals are in letters.B) Even if Roman numerals are in letters the symbols are easier to understand, despite the fact that Australians and Americans and most probably you write numbers using the system of Arabic numerals.C) The system of Roman numerals was invented before the system of Arabic numerals, but people use the system of Arabic numerals to write more frequently.

How many XLV in Roman numerals?

XLV in roman numerals = 45