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over 9000!

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Q: How many different building combinations can you get if you use 6 pieces of 4 2 LEGO bricks?
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Why a brick pieces used in roof?

the construction of wallscolumn constructionpavements.

Why do Lego's have different size pieces?

For the creativity of the person building, mostly to let the builder use different sizes of pieces in their creations. It also is used in sets if it is needed.

What do you measure the mass with a box of bricks?

Using a scale, the box of bricks, and the object, keep putting bricks or pieces of bricks until the scales balance. Find out how many bricks you put and multiply by the mass of one brick and you got the mass of the object.

How do you make a homemade grill?

make the base out bricks and motar. cut a hole in the bricks for pieces of rebar. cut corrugated fencing to size

What name describes formatted pieces of content that are store in galleries?

Formatted pieces of content stored in galleries is called the Building Block.

What are facts about LEGO?

its rubbish and small :) amd for people aged 3

What method would you use to separate wood and brick pieces?

One method to separate wood and brick pieces is to manually sort and remove them by hand. Another method could be to use a magnetic separator to extract metal pieces from the mixture. Lastly, you could also use a flotation method where wood pieces float while brick pieces sink, allowing for separation.

What are all the different pieces of the statue on furry-pawscom?

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How do you beat level 6 on splitter 2?

cut the two pieces of wood under the bricks and wait for it to go upward

Why do obisidian rocks have no crystals?

because the magma cooled so fast the little pieces of cooled magma bonded already so there is not enough space for the little pieces to grow into crystals. Similar to concrete the bricks are the pieces of already cooled magma. But then the concrete is immediately poured onto the brick t=and cooled in 1 second and hardened. That does not allow space for the bricks to grow as everything is bonded and no more magma is left to add to the pieces to make them bigger.

What is a modular building?

A modular building is a building made from premanufactured modules that are made in another facility. These pieces are then assembled at the sight of construction.

Where in a building would you find a spandrel?

A spandrel is typically found between the top of a window and the bottom of the beam above it. It is a triangular space often filled with decorative elements or panels to cover structural components.