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Q: How many different outfits can you make from five hats eight dresses and three pair of shoes?
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How many different outfits are possible if you can choose from 3 dresses 4 hats and 5 pairs of shoes?


Are there any fashion movies?

I think the movie 27 Dresses is pretty fashionable. They have lots of different outfits and shoes and stuff. GoodLuck!

What are some of the doll clothes available for the American Girl doll?

Most of them are shirts, skirts, dresses and shoes. You can make and create different outfits and design new outfits so the doll can look exactly like you.

What can you say for why you love shoes?

Different ones for different outfits, they make you stand out or that they make you taller!

Matty has 5shirts 6pants and 2 pairs of shoes How many different outfits can he wear if he must wear a shirt pants and shoes. How do you solve this?

All you have to do is multiply them together: 5 shirts x 6 pants x 2 shoes = 60 different outfits.

How much are dresses shoes?

How much are dresses shoes

Luke has 4 pairs of pants 3 shirts 2 pair of shoes how many different outfits can there be?


What does Deb store sell?

clothes hommecomming dresses shoes ect clothes hommecomming dresses shoes ect

Besides white do Adidas golf shoes come in different colors?

Adidas gold shoes come in many different colors. If your favorite outfits just happens to be green and your would want green shoes to match Adidas carries them. To see the different colors of shoes that Adidas carries visit your local sporting goods store.

How many different outfits can be made if you choose one each from eleven skirts nine blouses three belts and seven pairs of shoes?

2079 outfits all you have to do is multiply all of the numbers (11*9*3*7)

How many days in a row could a person wear a different outfit if he had 4 shirts 3 pants and 2 pairs of shoes?

Assuming an outfit is one shirt, one pair of pants and one pair of shoes, there are 24 different outfits.

How many outfits are possible if you choose one of each of 5 shirts 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of pants?

45 outfits